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2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris Awards Results: Best Season

Best Season

Christmas (42%)

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

2nd Halloween (38%)
3rd= Summer (8%)
3rd= Spring (8%)
5th Autumn (4%)

I have been at Christmas, twice, and in fact the photo above was taken when we stayed at Disneyland Paris from Christmas Day until Boxing Day. However, for me Christmas is only the 3rd best season behind Halloween and Summer. It’s just too cold to be any higher than that. So, which comes first, for me at least? While Halloween has the best decorations and added extras like Pumkinhead Men, Summer has to take the top spot for the nice weather, but most importantly the long opening hours. It’s great being able to eat at the restaurants in the parks at a normal dinner time and not have to have an early dinner or rely on Disney Village and Hotel restaurants. I like eating in The Blue Lagoon followed by a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean and to then go out in the warm darkness of Adventureland. Summer wins!