• Top 10 Things To Look Forward to at Disneyland Paris this Summer
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    Top 10 Things To Look Forward to at Disneyland Paris this Summer

    10) Big Thunder Mountain This is a maybe at the moment, as my son isn’t sure he wants to ride it. For years he was too small, then when he grew tall enough the ride went down for refurbishment for a year. Now it’s back up, some of the time, the nerves have kicked in and when I last asked him he wasn’t keen. He’s a bit like me, in that my last and only ride on Big Thunder Mountain was back in 2012 and whilst I wouldn’t call the experience…

  • NEW Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Mickey and Minnie Costumes
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    NEW Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Mickey and Minnie Costumes – A Merchandise Dream

    This might be the shortest article I ever write for Dedicated to DLP because the photos do all the talking, as the new Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Mickey and Minnie Costumes have been released and they look incredible. Hats off to whoever decided Main Street at night was the perfect photoshoot location – you were spot on. Not only do we have the new look Mickey and Minnie, but these outfits are so classy and ooze special occasion, which is exactly what the Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary is and how it…

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    Characters are Coming Back to Disney Hotels – So Says New Disneyland Paris Brochure

    It was back in February 2014 that news first leaked of characters being removed from the Disney Hotels in Disneyland Paris, something that had always been one of the biggest selling points of staying in resort hotels, but at risk of being abused by those staying off site and hotel hopping in the early morning whilst putting no money in the Disneyland Paris accounts. Then they came back for Christmas last year, and more recently there were characters at Hotel Cheyenne for a character BBQ that ran only for the month…

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    Moana Meet and Greet in Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland Paris from November 20th – in the new Art of Disney Animation Photo Location?

    We have known for a while that Moana is coming to Disneyland Paris as that news was broken officially back in June – the extra details that have been circulating the internet are that she will debut on November 20th in Walt Disney Studios and will be meeting guests. This means that she’ll be in Disneyland Paris a full 10 fays before the film is released in the cinemas in France, which is 2 days before it is released in the UK. So we have now gone from not getting new…

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    New Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Rumours Discussed

    My good friends over at ED92 have today published an article of what we maybe can expect for the Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary in 2017. Remember, these are just rumours and none of this has been confirmed by Disneyland Paris. While I have no doubt that ED92 has some great sources, we must at this point treat these as rumours, and not confirmed pieces of news. With permission, I am quoting extracts from the article, but for the full article please go over to ED92. Decorations The 25th will be draped…

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    The Character of Moana is Coming to Disneyland Paris for Christmas 2016 – Could We See More New Characters Too?

    Disneyland Paris sent out a release this morning announcing that the titular character from the upcoming Moana (Vaiana in France) film will be coming to Disneyland Paris for part of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas season 2016. After months and years of guests complaining, rightly so, that Disneyland Paris never gets new characters, the resort will have Moana in time for the film’s release on November 30th. Here is the official statement from Disneyland Paris – for mentions of Vaiana I have replaced with Moana (Vaiana): Disneyland® Paris will surf the Moana (Vaiana)…