Trip Planning

Parenting Hacks to Make Your DLP Trip Even Better

Disneyland Paris is the ideal place for families to spend time together, making happy memories. And you want everything to be perfect, right?  But we all know things can go kind of haywire when children are in the mix! Let the D2DLP team share with you seven of our best tips for  making the most of your time at DLP with little ones in tow.

Here at D2DLP, we have a couple of park veterans who have dealt with everything under the sun during their many trips to DLP with their children. Your own strategy will, of course, depend on the ages of the children and the number in your party. But one thing is vital: keep calm and remember this is a vacation! There is too much to do at DLP to fit it all in in just one or two days. Or even three or four days, for that matter! Our top advice is that you slow down and take things as they come. Of course, plan a bit ahead and have a few ideas for must-do items. But don’t forget to smile, laugh, relax and take heaps of photos!

The Great Pushchair Debate

if your child is under age four, you will probably need one to get your tot through a day at the park. It is a great way for them to rest their legs and, more importantly, nap when they need to. Something light and manoeuvrable is preferable, as getting through the crowds can be a challenge. 

If you cannot bring your own pushchair, or had decided not to but then had a change of heart, you can indeed rent strollers in the parks! You can find them at Town Square Terrace, which is a space to the right as you enter Disneyland Park. At WDS, you find them at Studio Services. The fee is 15 euros per day and if you leave a 70 euros deposit, you can take the stroller between parks and even to your hotel. 

The amount of walking can do in even older children, so if you are on the fence about a stroller for a four, five or even six year old, give it serious consideration. You know your child best. 

And remember: drive carefully! Nobody likes being rammed in the shins by a stroller.

Buy More and Save

Your littles ones will be clamouring for Disney dress-up clothes and merch while you are in the parks, which can get very costly very quickly. Nobody likes to say “no” all the time, especially on holiday, but who can afford to constantly be getting their wallet out?

Here’s what you do: get ahead of the game and buy cute character outfits for your children before your trip! Supermarkets, Primark and other discount chains, as well as Amazon and vendors on Etsy can be great sources for costumes and even the coveted mouse ears.  Also, don’t forget to buy those Disney plushies, bubble wands, play sets and other fun bits, all on the sly. Prices will be considerably lower than what you would pay in the parks and Disney Village.

Just be sure to keep all the goodies out of sight and pack them away where the kiddies won’t see. Then,  once you are at DLP, you will be the hero of the moment as you wow them with Disney treats that didn’t cost a fortune! 

Emergency! Help!

Anything can happen when kids are around, so be prepared! Not only do you need to bring any prescription meds your child needs, also bring a stock of over the counter remedies that you are used to. Fever and pain meds, anti-vomitting/nausea meds, cold medicine and a basic kit of disinfectant and plasters are all a good idea. There are pharmacies in France, but not in Disney Village and what is on offer will likely not be what you are used to. And don’t kids always get sick late at night when everything is closed anyway? 

Also- be aware that there are First Aid rooms within the two parks. At Disneyland Park, it is located between the Plaza Gardens restaurant and the Discovery Arcade exit. At WDS it is between Studio Photo and Studio Services, in the Front Lot. They have a few basic medications and supplies and can help you arrange for more serious care, if needed.

Also FYI: the general emergency call number in France is 112. This number covers ambulance, fire and police. 

Hey Baby!

For the tiniest Disney fans, there are the Baby Care Centres. These are quiet spaces where you can find all kinds of amenities, such as changing tables, high chairs, microwaves, and bottle warmers. They also provide comfortable chairs where nursing moms and babies can settle in.  You can also buy baby food and nappies here.  Also- the restrooms here are toddler friendly and tend not to be busy, so think about stopping in if someone needs to go.

The BCCs are located right next to the First Aid rooms. 

Where Did You Go?

The Baby Care Centres also serve as the “Lost Parents” meeting point.  If you wander off (naughty parent!) just contact the nearest Cast Member. They will radio a general call throughout the park and when your child is found, she’ll generally be taken to the nearest Baby Care Center to safely wait for you. 

Nom Nom Nom

Be sure your park bag is loaded with snacks, preferably things that will give long term energy. Granola bars, fruit snacks, bags of cereal, almost anything goes! Just try to avoid chocolate, especially in summer. It gets melty and messy very quickly and will leave you dealing with sticky hands and faces, as well as stained clothes. 

Know your Disney

As you get ready for your trip, why not make viewing classic Disney films part of the build-up? Find out which film properties are featured at DLP and make sure your children see the movies and know the characters. It will make the experience of visiting the parks so much more fun. Good starting points are: Dumbo, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Pinocchio. Alice in Wonderland is particularly relevant, as DLP has a huge maze, a castle, a snack kiosk, a photo op and tea cup attraction, all based on it!!