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Update on Disneyland Paris Disney’s Magic Moments Festival and 20th Anniversary

Disneyland Paris have sent us some information about the Disney’s Magic Moments Festival and what will be staying in the parks, what will be closing and when. This is obviously in preparation for the 20th Anniversary celebrations which start in April 2012.

To Stop on January 9th 2012
Green Army Men Meet & Play!
Mickey Magical Celebration
Disney Dance Express

Of these three I only experienced Disney Dance Express on my last visit in November, and that was from the doorway of Bella Notte with a tray of Pizzas and drinks in my hands! Mickey’s Magical Celebration was obviously replaced by the Christmas shows while I was there.

To Stop on March 4th 2012
Disney’s Once Upon A Dream Parade Interactivities
Following the Leader with Peter Pan
Meet Rapunzel from Walt Disney Pictures” Tangled

The following floats will be removed from Disney’s Once Upon A Dream Parade
The first float – from January 9th until Disney Magic on Parade starts on April 1st 2012
The Princess float – from January 16th until Disney Magic on Parade starts on April 1st 2012

This confirms two things: 1) They are recycling floats for the new Disney Magic on Parade as I speculated in this article and 2) The 20th Anniversary definitely starts on April 1st.

Share the Love with Wall• E and Eve

The following Magical Moments will continue for the 20th Anniversary
Disney Princesses – A Royal Invitation
The Wonderful World of Alice and the Mad Hatter
Smile and Say “Cheese” with Remy and Emile
Aladdin’s Magic Lamp
Share the Love with Wall• E and Eve
Adventureland rhythms of the jungle
Monster Inc Screaming Academy
Moteurs…Actions! Stunt Show Spectacular Featuring Lightning McQueen

Most of these don’t come as a surprise as things like Wall• E and Eve and Monster Inc Screaming Academy I would expect to remain as permanent parts of the resort ongoing. These are mostly photo opportunities which Disneyland Paris seem to be placing more attention on.

Speaking of the Stunt Show, that will be closed January 9th until January 20th and from March 12th until March 23rd 2012.

So, lots going on as we get closer to the 20th Anniversary. The period between the end of the Christmas season and Easter is always quite a sparse one in Disneyland Paris and this year is no exception with the aforementioned closures and removals. There’s still plenty to do though and it’s pretty quiet during this period so a great chance to go on some E Ticket rides like Tower of Terror with lesser queuing times than usual.