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Light’ears Glow With The Show Ears Used in Disneyland Paris With Dreams!

Last night, at the Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Extended press event, the Glow with the Show Light’Ears were used during Dreams!, including the new Lion King and Brave scenes which we showed videos of yesterday here. Over on YouTube ChroniqueDisney has a video which shows the new Light’Ears being used during the new scenes of Dreams! from last night.


There is also this small video clip from scroogy75:


It looks pretty good, but do remember that the Light’Ears were given out free last night, and from the end of June when Light’Ears and Dreams! will be working together (even though the Ears are apparently already for sale in the park according to some guests who have visited Disneyland Paris recently) for the general public, you’ll have to pay €20 for each pair of Light’Ears, so will we ever see a big sea of Light’Ears again? As a one off payment for one person it’s not bad, but when you are a family are 4 that’s another €80 you have to pay out, on top of an already expensive holiday. Is it worth it? That’s a question that can only be answered by each individual and it’s probably going to be hard to resist, especially if you have children in your party. At least it’s a one off cost and you can re-use them for each visit, as well as for World of Color over in America.

@PhotosMagiques and @DLRPToday were tweeting from a talk they attended yesterday, as part of the press event, where it was revealed that interactivity around the park away from Dreams! is planned, and that they will have a sleep mode for when people enter dark rides. That last nugget of information comes as somewhat of a relief to me, as the thought of being in Phantom Manor or Pirates of the Caribbean and having people around me with light up Mickey Ears was pretty scary. I’m not keen on the prospect of people walking around Disneyland Paris with flashing headgear to be honest, and I’d like to see them go to sleep and only be used during Dreams! or other specific and non-intrusive events.

You’ll be pleased to know that Disneyland Paris have long term plans for Dreams! so it’ll be staying in the park for what one can assume to be years to come, and apparently they will bringing it closer to the guests – what that means is open to interpretation. The Light’Ears will give people the feeling of being part of the show, and when that show is Dreams! that’s a pretty exciting prospect. So, Light’Ears – thumbs up or thumbs down?

Thanks to Arth at Disney Central Plaza for the Light’Ears/Dreams! image.