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Disneyland Paris Pins for June 2015 – Frozen Summer Pins, Avengers, Space Mountain 20th Anniversary, Vice Versa & More!

I know, this post is about 2 weeks late, but I thought I’d better get back into the habit posting about pins, as this offering of Disneyland Paris Pins for June 2015 is actually pretty good!

Disneyland Paris Pins for June 2015 – Frozen Summer Pins, Avengers, Space Mountain, Vice Versa & More!

Frozen Summer Pins

After my weekend of Frozen Summer Fun in Disneyland Paris I am all about Frozen and certainly have the fever! Just a pity all these came out after I had left! Of the EIGHT Frozen pins on offer this month, I like the two picture, almost stamp, looking pins featuring Olaf, that come out on Saturday 20th June. The others are all a bit pretty for me, though I could be tempted by my girl Anna and her medallion pin. Along with all of these there is a lanyard pouch coming out on the 27th, with a pretty generic film image, as is normal for these.

Space Mountain 20th Anniversary Pins

This Space Mountain pin came out on June 6th and if it’s not out of stock already then I’d be very very surprised, as there were only 1,000 made. Fear not though, as tomorrow a new 20th Anniversary Space Mountain pin is released, along with a pin and framed concept art package. Take a look at the image below for all the details, and get in there quick if you want one.

Space Mountain 20th Anniversary Merchandise

Avengers, Vice Versa and cartoon Character pins

The Avengers pin is very generic, but I like it. That A symbol is the kind of the pin you could wear on the lapel of your jacket, and that’s not something you say every day about a Disney Paris pin outside of the Parks. The Vice Versa pin is the image of the film poster, the French version that is. Maybe the first Vice Versa pin in Disneyland Paris? I’ll have to go back and look at the months I missed to know with any certainty.

Including the Olaf pin, there are 4 Pueblo Trading Post exclusives coming out on June 20th: Scar Villains pin, which is pretty unique in that it features Scar, and not the usual Lion King roll out of Simba, Timon or Pumba. The Summer pin featuring one of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty is okay, if nothing mind blowing. As is standard with these types of pin – I’m not their target market. Finally there is the Chip pin and I have no idea what the MF stands for. Seems to be some kind of theatre – anyone know? I feel like I’ve asked this question before, and no doubt been told the answer, but a lot has happened since that time!

There’s a pin trading night in Sequoia Lodge on June 26th, but there is no theme set for that one, not at the time this poster was printed anyway, I’m sure it is known and sold out by now. Overall a fairly decent month for pins in Disneyland Paris, especially so if you like Frozen. I notice there are no attraction pins, but again, I’ll have to look back at my forgotten months to see if we had an influx of them then.