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Disneyland Paris Halloween 2011 artwork from the Shareholders Club

Incredible timing as I was only talking about the Disneyland Paris Shareholder’s Club here, but I have just received the newsletter which has a nice piece of imagery for the Halloween 2011 season. Apologies that it’s not bigger but my request for PR materials from Disneyland Paris themselves has fallen on deaf (mickey) ears.

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2011

One of the things that Disneyland Paris can never be criticised for is the artwork they design to promote for the seasons, which as always is absolutely top notch. Mickey Mouse is front and centre which is to be expected with Mickey pumpkins being the main focus of the new Halloween decorations. I have a friend who is currently in Disneyland Paris and she said that it doesn’t feel as Halloweeny as last year, but it’s still great and the shows are very good, particularly Mickey’s Halloween Treat in the Street. We’ll have lots of photos to show you all when she gets back.