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Being a member of the Disneyland Paris Shareholder’s Club

On Wednesday I came home to find an envelope on the mat, with an unfamiliar location stamped on it. I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone located at MERIGNAC CCT1 GIRONDE?

When I picked up the envelope I felt a credit card type object inside and I suddenly had that Eureka moment – my new Disneyland Paris Shareholder’s Club membership card had arrived. As an existing member of the shareholder’s club I was able to fill in a form online to renew my membership, and as I own 20 shares renewing my membership is free – 19 or less and it costs 30€ every two years. Aside from a slight problem with Disneyland Paris not receiving the fax of confirmation from the company that holds my shares, it was all sorted  by September 14th, at which point I received an email confirming the renewal of my membership.

Exactly 2 weeks later I was in receipt of my new card.

It’s so nice having a valid card again as my old card ran out at the end of August. We’re not actually going again until June 2012 but it’s still nice to be up to date and I also get 10% off of Disney Stores here in the UK, and with a 3 year old Disney fan in the house that comes in very handy. This now makes it three membership cards I have had since my membership began.

I remember when I first applied to be a member back in 2006 and I received a temporary certificate of membership so I could makes use of the benfits of being a member before my card arrived. There was no ambiguity as to where it had come from when the jiffy envelope arrived then.

This is the that certificate  that was included inside:

Disneyland Paris Shareholder’s Club Temporary Certificate of Membership

You don’t now, but back a few years ago when you became a member of the shareholder’s club you also got an exclusive pin. As a pin collector that was particularly exciting.

Disneyland Paris Shareholder’s Club Pin
Disneyland Paris Shareholder’s Club Pin – back

I love Disneyland Paris so much that I feel very proud to be a shareholder and a member of the shareholder’s club. The benefits are also very welcome and are detailed here. To be able to go into Salon Mickey is reason enough to be a member – it’s a little building to the right of the main gates where, as a member, you can enter the park via and also sit and have complimentary drinks and cakes/biscuits. It also houses some pieces of Disney history including some family photos and a very early pair of 3D glasses. It’s a great place to sit and relax, away from the crowds.

Salon Mickey at Disneyland Paris
3D Glasses in Salon Mickey at Disneyland Paris

I can’t wait until I am in Disneyland Paris once again and using my shareholder’s club card to get discounts in shops and restaurants and making the most of the unique hospitality that only Salon Mickey can offer.