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Confirmed: Duffy the Disney Bear is coming to Disneyland Paris

So, less than 24 hours after my post about the Duffy rumour, I’ve had it confirmed by a Cast Member that Duffy is indeed coming to Disneyland Paris. He’ll arrive for Christmas 2011 and then stay for the duration of the 20th Anniversary celebrations which start in April 2012. I’m waiting to hear back on whether Duffy will be present after the 20th Anniversary celebrations have finished.

As it stands right now, the poll results from yesterday where I asked Do you want Duffy at Disneyland Paris? are 61% for No and 39% for yes. Looks like myself and a few others will not be welcoming Mickey’s teddy bear with open arms.

To anyone that has seen Duffy in the other parks or has a Duffy plush themselves, what are your opinions on how Duffy is represented in those other parks and do you think he’ll be a good addition to Disneyland Paris? Is the merchandise good and how expensive is it?