• Disneyland Paris Announce Marvel Roller Coaster for Walt Disney Studios - Is This Good News?
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    Disneyland Paris Announce Marvel Roller Coaster for Walt Disney Studios – Is This Good News?

    I was all set to record a new episode of the podcast yesterday, when the realisation hit me that in the early hours of this morning Disney were due to make new Disney Parks announcements at their annual D23 convention, this time being held in Tokyo, Japan. What if they say something about Disneyland Paris that needs discussing and I’ve just recorded the podcast without this matter being included? Against the cynical opinion of some, this did actually happen, as the first attraction based change over in Walt Disney Studios was…

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    Will Mickey and the Magician See Me Break A Disneyland Paris Tradition?

    For years when visiting Disneyland Paris it’s been instinctual behaviour for us to head straight to Disneyland Park and before my son was born, our first destination was always Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, for his first two trips it was also Pirates first, but then on his last trip, he was tall enough to ride Star Tours, so years of tradition got thrown out of the window as we headed for an attempted flight to Endor as our first port of call. Something even more drastic might be happening…

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    Disneyland Paris News Weekly #7: Star Tours, Spring, Food, Studios, St Patrick’s Day

    Freshly back from Disneyland Paris cover the big Star tours event, the new restaurant rumours, the amazing new Forest of Enchantment show, St Patrick’s Day, a big birthday and more! httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOfRyypo7WQ Remember to subscribe so you never miss a show and all the latest news from Disneyland Paris and leave any questions you want answered on the next episode.

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    Disneyland Paris News: Place des Stars Stage in Walt Disney Studios to be Removed, but what will Replace it?

    Earlier today Disney Central Plaza broke the news that a permit has been filed to remove the Place des Stars Stage in Walt Disney Studios, which can be found in the space outside Playhouse Disney, Stitch Live on Stage and CinéMagique. To be fair, it hasn’t be used to its fullest potential for some years now, and in my experience it’s main use has been for people to sit and each lunch on. Take it away and we are left with a very big open space, so what can Disneyland Paris…

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    Star Tours 2 and Toy Story Midway Mania to Disneyland Paris?

    Joseph is back with another blog post, this time about some exciting (for him – I’ll post my thoughts soon too) new additions rumoured for Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios. Some incredibly exciting news has been leaked recently and unless you have been hiding under a rock you probably have heard some excited whispers. Disneyland Paris is due a possible upgrading of Star Tours into Star Tours 2: The Adventure Continues and for Pixar fans not only will we be getting a world first Ratatouille ride but also a Paris version…

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    Happy 10th Anniversary Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris

    On this day, March 16th, in 2002, Walt Disney Disney Studios opened and Disneyland Paris went from being a one park resort to two. This was actually the first year I visited Disneyland Paris so I never actually experieced Disneyland Paris with just Disneyland Park. Though themed completely differently to the main park and containing far fewer attractions, it made up for quantity with quality. Housing attractions like Cinemagique, Animagique, Backlot Studio Tram Tour, Moteurs…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular and Rock ‘N Roller Coaster, Walt Disney Studios was a force to be…