• Top 10 Things To Look Forward to at Disneyland Paris this Summer
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    Top 10 Things To Look Forward to at Disneyland Paris this Summer

    10) Big Thunder Mountain This is a maybe at the moment, as my son isn’t sure he wants to ride it. For years he was too small, then when he grew tall enough the ride went down for refurbishment for a year. Now it’s back up, some of the time, the nerves have kicked in and when I last asked him he wasn’t keen. He’s a bit like me, in that my last and only ride on Big Thunder Mountain was back in 2012 and whilst I wouldn’t call the experience…

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    Looking Ahead: Top 10 Disneyland Paris for 2017- Part 1

    With Christmas all but over, it’s time to look forward to the year ahead. That in mind, here is my traditional article looking at what the next 12 months in Disneyland Paris has in store and what I most look forward to. Disneyland Paris in 2017 – Star Wars Season of the Force Starting in mid January, Walt Disney Studios will be transformed into the place where Star Wars Lives, with a new show, character parade and meets, and most anticipated, the Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration nighttime projection show on…

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    Disneyland Paris Magical Memorabilia: Last trip To Endor Pin

    February 27th 2016 was the day the March 2016 pin poster for Disneyland Paris started to make waves in the community, with the inclusion of one particular item – the Last Trip To Endor pin. Star Tours was due to close on March 16th, which it did, and this pin limited to 1,000 pieces was released to commemorate that. Soon cries of I need one could be heard all over the world, including from myself. I was lucky enough to get one, and be on that Last trip To Endor, and…

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    Disneyland Paris News Weekly #7: Star Tours, Spring, Food, Studios, St Patrick’s Day

    Freshly back from Disneyland Paris cover the big Star tours event, the new restaurant rumours, the amazing new Forest of Enchantment show, St Patrick’s Day, a big birthday and more! httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOfRyypo7WQ Remember to subscribe so you never miss a show and all the latest news from Disneyland Paris and leave any questions you want answered on the next episode.

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    Final Boarding Call For Endor Express – Saying Goodbye to Star Tours in Disneyland Paris

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…actually it was just 2 days ago and 342 miles away, which might be considered far far away for some. Over in Disneyland Paris on Wednesday 16th March 2016 was the very last day that Star Tours would be open in Disneyland Paris, and to commemorate this they put on an event in the evening for invited guests and a limited number of shareholders and Dream Annual Passport holders. I’d already booked a trip to be there that day, in hope that…

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    Soon we will say goodbye to the original Star Tours in Disneyland Paris

    Star Tours was an opening day attraction for Disneyland Paris, welcoming people on the 12th April for the very first time, to its slice of intergalactic excitement in Discoveryland. On Wednesday March 16th 2016 Star Tours will take it’s very last trip to Endor, before closing its doors shortly after 10.45pm. While they’ve not been explicitly named Star Tours – The Adventures Continue as taking its place, we can be pretty sure ever since the Reinvent The Magic announcements and they said just that a “re-imagined” “new thrilling experience” is coming,…