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    POLL: Vote for the Worst DLP Queue Area

    Just like in our original DLP Queue Area Poll, You also have a chance to make your opinion clear about what you believe to be the least attractive, pleasant or functioning queue area at Disneyland Paris. This time we’ve also included some non-attraction areas that can get quite busy, but as before, you can only vote on one option. The results will show once you’ve voted, and we’ll be discussing both polls in our next Podcast episode, so thanks for taking part!

  • Pirates of the Caribbean DLP queue area

    POLL: Vote for your favourite DLP queue area

    Waiting in line at theme park attractions is almost inevitable. But some queueing area experiences are better than others. Disney Imagineers have by and large made great efforts to keep the waiting public entertained during the moments leading up to the ride. Now we’d like to know which ones at Disneyland Paris you appreciate most! Vote for your favourite DLP Queue Area in the poll, you can select just one from the list, and the results will be show when you vote. Then you can also vote for the Worst DLP…