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168: A DLP Walk on the Mild Side

Feeling not so fast and not terribly furious? We have you covered! This episode, Beth, Marq and Vanessa discuss how to enjoy a Disneyland Paris trip at a more leisurely, non-thrill-seeking pace. We all know people who won’t or can’t go do loops on Space Mountain but there is no reason for them to forgo a fab trip to DLP!

The team gives suggestions for attractions, locations and shows that deliver fun without delivering an over the top adrenaline rush. There are also tips on which rides seem mild, but actually have some alarming surprises.

You’ll also find a bit of park news, along with a shout out to one of our lovely listeners.  If you’d like to hear your own name on air, all you need to do is write a positive show review on Apple Podcasts, Google, or wherever you listen. 

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