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Meanwhile in Florida..

Universal Studios has unveiled more information about their new Universal Epic Universe park in Orlando which is expected to open in summer 2025.

It’s all about immersive experiences based on some of their classics, and in a video introduced by Universal Destinations and Experiences CEO Mark Woodbury, a first fly-through glimpse is given at what looks set to be a very creative theme park addition to their Florida resort.

It will be made up of five worlds which you enter through portals, the first of which is Celestial Park. Disneyland Paris fans may realize this one has a certain steampunk resemblance to the original Jules Verne-inspired Discoveryland, you know, before it got Buzzed off into Hyperspace.

Next is the Isle of Berk from the How To Train Your Dragon franchise, which promises a magical ride…on dragons! And no, we’re not expecting a dumbo-style dragon roundabout.

Dark Universe is the third portal and we can only say this is something theme park fans have been calling for a long time, a land or park dedicated to villains and iconic monsters. Universal listened.

Harry Potter gets another outing at this park with a Wizarding World portal themed to the Ministry of Magic. Expect fantastic beasts.

The last portal will take you to Super Nintendo World, East Coast edition. Mario and friends have been a BIG hit in the Universal parks, and until Universal decides to go ahead with a new theme park in Bedford, U.K., this is probably the closest you’ll get it for the moment.

Even Steven Spielberg makes a cameo in the video, that’s how epic Universal thinks this is going to be.

And finally, when all of us at Disneyland Paris were getting excited about the re-opening of our Disneyland Hotel above the entrance gates on January 25th this year, Universal was wondering what would be even more epic. Well, how about a hotel IN the park? Yup, you read that right, the Universal Helios Grand Hotel will be completely integrated, anchored to Celestial Park with 500 rooms as a divine, immersive escape. Two more hotels will accompany Epic Universe, Universal Stella Nova Resort and the Universal Terra Luna Resort, although outside the gates. These two will probably open ahead of the park in February 2025.

Meanwhile at DLP we’re awaiting the announcement of the opening date and official name for our Frozen land at Walt Disney Studios. We’ll let you know when we get word.