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Seven Things That Make DLP Unique

There are Disney parks scattered across the globe and each one is special, but there are many reasons why Disneyland Paris really stands out. Here is a quick look at  the top 7 things that we think make DLP extra-special. 

Mickey’s Big Band ©Disneyland Paris

1. The Music

Lots of original music has been composed for the park…much of it in English! “Dancin’ a Catchy Rhythm” and “Magic Everywhere” are two particular favourites of the past.  In March 2017, “Lost in the Magic” debuted with the new parade for the 25th anniversary. And who can forget “Chante, C’est Noël”?  You just have to sing along with all of them!

2.  Discoveryland

It is totally gorgeous, with a steampunk Jules Verne theme. The centrepiece of it is Space Mountain, which is the fastest of the five Space Mountains that exist worldwide.  It is the only one with upside down loops- three of them! Plus it has an outside section- as you are shot up the launch canon to the top, the side of the tunnel opens up and you can see all over the park! The Orbitron fits the theming perfectly, as does the amazing Videopolis building. 

3. Adventure Isle

There are actually TWO islands in the Adventureland Lagoon: one houses the Swiss Family Tree House (a fun walk-through that really lets you get a workout) and the other has Skull Rock and Captain Hook’s pirate ship. These islands also boast an elaborate cave system where you can wander around and cool off on a hot day. And you may even find the pirate’s secret treasure stash.

4. The Hotels

It is fabulous that six of the seven Disney hotels are within easy walking distance of both parks! The Disneyland Hotel is literally ON the main gate to the castle park and the three other hotels are just a 10 to 15 minute walk away. The Cheyenne and Santa Fe are a bit farther, but not much. It is so nice not to rely on buses or cars! 

5. The Dragon

She sleeps underneath the Château of La Belle au Bois Dormant.  It is a bit hard to find for a first-timer, but if you take a path off to the left of the castle, you will see a little sign that says “La Tanière du dragon” (The Dragon’s Lair).  This 90 foot long animatronic beast is unique to our park! She  lives in a dark cave and gets grumpy if you disturb her rest!

6. La Place de Remy

This is a Paris-themed mini-land in the Studios and the home of the Ratatouille ride. Both it (and the ride!) are fabulous. Yes, I know the actual, real Paris is just a short 30 minutes away from the park…but this is cute Disney-Paris. It has so much charm and detail. And that  rat fountain is adorable!!

The attraction’s official name is “L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy”. But all you need to know is that it is a fun and  beautiful trackless 3D ride.

And the Bistrot Chez Remy!? Don’t get us started! Any restaurant that lets you eat steak while sitting on a chair made out of a giant champagne cork gets our vote!

7. Best of all: The Castle!!!

The whimsical and impossibly beautiful Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant is a jewel! The design is so fanciful and delicate, set perfectly on top of a hill ornamented with carefully trimmed square trees…just like in the animated film  Sleeping Beauty! The inside is just as detailed, containing shops shops on the lower level and an upper level walk-through featuring the story of Sleeping Beauty told with  tapestries, stained glass and statues. Many people say it is the most lovely of all the Disney park castles…and they may be right!