Captain EO in Disneyland Paris to Close Permanently in February 2014

It has been confirmed by our friends over at Radio Disney Club that Captain EO in Disneyland Paris willclose permanently in February 2014. I don’t think this will come as a surprise to anyone who has seen the show in the last year or so, as you’ll have seen many empty seats. It is in fact it’s lack of popularity that has been cited as the reason for the impending closure.

Captain EO in Disneyland Paris

Captain EO in Disneyland Paris

With the recent rumours of no new rides until 2022, this does beg the question as to what will take its place? Honey I Shrunk The Audience found it’s home in the Captain EO building, in between the Michael Jackson show’s two tenures in Disneyland Paris, could that return? It was more popular than Captain EO, but it was never a must see show for a lot of guests, and would look very dated in a time of 4K television and mainstream 3D.

With the 3D capabilities in place, along with the added special affects, you wouldn’t think it would cost Disneyland Paris too much introduce a new show. New to Disneyland Paris, doesn’t mean it has to be a brand new show made specially for the resort. Maybe they could use the Mickey’s PhilharMagic show that plays over in Walt Disney World.

Alternatively Disneyland Paris could bring in Muppet*Vision 3D which shows in Disney Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World and Disney California Adventure, Disneyland.

Of those two I’d go for Muppet*Vision 3D as there is currently no Muppets presence in Disneyland Paris, and they have become very popular again since the release of the 2011 Muppet Movie. However, apparently The Muppets are not popular in France, so maybe Mickey’s PhilharMagic would be the better option after all. How can the French not like The Muppets – what’s not to love?

I think we can agree that there is plenty of opportunity to ultilise the building once Captain EO has closed down. This could turn out to be a big positive for the resort, as I have no doubt more people would come to Disneyland Paris to see a new show than currently do for Captain EO. This is assuming they don’t just leave it closed. They wouldn’t do that, would they? Maybe the rumours of Star Wars Land coming in 2022 were just a ruse, and development actually starts next year!

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