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Is Disney Dreams on too late in Disneyland Paris?

I posted this over at Magic Forum and thought I’d open it up to everyone who reads this website too, as I’d very much like to hear your opinions. Is Dreams on too late? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself as the park closes at 10.30pm next week, and according to the park guide, that’s when Dreams will happen. That’s fine for me, but I’m not sure my son, who will only just be 4, will be able to stay up that late after a busy day in the parks.

Disney Dreams in Disneyland Paris

Considering their advertising seems to be very child targeted these days it surprises me that their big spectacular will be on so late. I understand it has to be as dark as possible to get the best effect, but the sun sets well before 10.30pm at the moment. It could well be that my wife and I never get to see Dreams together as one of us may well have to be back at the hotel room with him. I think the first day is our best shot at him being awake as it will actually be 9.30pm according to our body clocks. We could of course be surprised and he stays awake till that late, but that would be quite a surprise.

Has anyone been to the parks recently with young children and did they manage to stay up? Maybe we’ll try taking him back to the hotel during the afternoon for a nap, but that’s not something he usually does, but maybe the extra long activity filled days will change that. I really do hope we all get to experience Dreams together.