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Disneyland Paris Pins for November 2014 – A New Year is Coming

The Disneyland Paris pin poster for November 2014 has been released quite early, with a week of October still to go. I’m not complaining though – always good to get the information as early as possible. Thanks to Pascal for the photo of the pin poster.

Disneyland Paris Pins for November 2014 – A New Year is Coming
Disneyland Paris Pins for November 2014 – A New Year is Coming

Disneyland Paris 2015 Pins

With 7 pins and a lanyard, the 2015 pins are what dominate the November releases. The gang spinner is almost identical to the one released exactly a year ago, in both name and look. I guess if people like it then why not – changing the year does make it unique. One thing that does stand out is the 2015 – the font is huge and bulbous. It’s a bit too much for my liking, especially on the two Dreams! style pins and the lanyard.

Bistrot Pins

These are quite nice, but in my mind a missed opportunity, at least for now anyway – it could till happen. Rather than use characters and cute phrases like ‘Tea Time in Paris’, why not concentrate on some of the unsung stars of Disneyland Paris – the restaurants. Instead of yet another cartoon photo of Remy and Emile, how about a pin that celebrates the gorgeous décor of the restaurant and the stunning building it resides in. Continue this series with pins for Walt’s, Inventions, Blue Lagoon, Silver Spur Steakhouse and so on. This would be a nice departure from the usual character driven pins and would feature some of the best theming in the resort.

Exclusive and Medallions Pins

The dangle Paris series continues with Bianca from The Rescuers, and yes I did have to Google which film she was from! That one is a Pueblo Trading Post exclusive out on the 8th November, with a Tink pin also out exclusively on 29th November. Tinker Bell has lots of fans so I’m sure that will be popular, but it’s a little obvious, isn’t it? I quite like the style of the Ratatouille medallion pin, but the strange smile on Remy’s face puts me off. Maybe it’s just the picture and in real life it’s not quite so odd.

There’s a pin trading night on Friday November 28th in the Yellow Rose Dance Hall of Hotel Cheyenne, if that’s your thing. Not a very inspiring set of pins this month, and after 3 attraction series pins in August, I guess that’s our lot for a while.