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Disneyland Paris Pins for May 2014 – Stars, Stripes, Dreams!, Ratatouille

Is it almost May already? Where on earth did April go, I swear it only started a few days ago! So here we go, Disneyland Paris pins for May 2014.

Disneyland Paris Pins for May 2014 – Stars, Stripes, Dreams!, Ratatouille
Disneyland Paris Pins for May 2014 – Stars, Stripes, Dreams!, Ratatouille

Stars & Stripes Main Street, U.S.A.

I don’t get this series of pins that are released on May 3rd at all. If you are going to celebrate Main Street, U.S.A. then have pins that feature some of the amazing buildings and visuals, don’t take the cheap way out and just feature the American Flag. I can understand seeing these in a Disney Store in New York, but not in Disneyland Paris. Not sure what the Union Jack / Stars & Stripes is all about – a celebration of the wonderful relationship between the two countries? I almost expected to see one with Thatcher and Regan on! Really don’t like these at all, not even in the tiniest bit. I know Main Street is themed as a street from America, but come on, how many visitors in Europe want Stars and Stripes merchandise that much?!


This is a series that will continue as long as they have enough scenes and characters to use. While I preferred the photo scene pins, when you look at the awful Dreams! t-shirts, these have to be seen as the top end of Dreams! merchandise. I’m thinking Olaf might have been a better release in November/December, or even April, when the DVD came out.


Absolutely love this Ratatouille pin that comes out on May 17th, and is exclusive to the Pueblo Trading Post. It’s a dangly pin that advertises the new attraction and restaurant – what’s not to love? It’s limited to 1,000 pieces, which is quite a lot for a limited run pin, so if anyone can grab one for me I will be eternally grateful 😉

More Exclusive Pins

The it’s a small world Disneyland Paris 50th Anniversary pin is nice, and goes well with the 50th Anniversary pin that was released this month. At 600 pieces this will probably quickly, so make your way to the Pueblo Trading Post on May 10th early to get one. I can’t see the writing at the bottom of the pin released on May 24th, but we can see from the description it’s baby Rapunzel and it says Mothers. Mother’s Day in France is at the end of May, so maybe it says Happy Mother’s Day in French. This one is also a Pueblo Trading Post exclusive.

Pin Trading Night

The next trading night is on Friday May 30th in the Beaver Creek Tavern, which is the restaurant over at Sequoia Lodge Hotel. Seeing some photos earlier of the one taking place at Hotel New York today, these look like well themed and incredibly nicely catered events – well worth a look.

No Attraction Pins!

I was really happy to see the Alice Curious Labyrinth attraction pin last month and hoped this would be the continuation of this great series – alas no. Surely we could have had one less Stars & Stripes pin to make way for a truly magnificent series that celebrates the great attractions of Disneyland Paris?

A real set of two halves – some great, some cheap, tacky and ill fitting. I do really want that Ratatouille…In Two Months pin though!