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Disneyland Paris Pins for June 2014 – Ratatouille, Little Mermaid and the Return of Attraction Pins, Again!

June is a good month, no June is a great month. Just take a look at these new pins being released in Disneyland Paris this month, then we’ll talk.

Disneyland Paris Pins for June 2014 – Ratatouille, Little Mermaid  and the Return of Attraction Pins!
Disneyland Paris Pins for June 2014 – Ratatouille, Little Mermaid and the Return of Attraction Pins!

Disneyland Paris Attraction Pins

Rejoice, for the attraction pins are back, this month with Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains – that’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in case you wondered. It’s a fine looking pin, especially as it shows Snow White in peril and the Wicked Witch with the upper hand. It doesn’t stop there though as it also features all 7 dwarfs and uses the entranceway of the actual ride to frame everything. It’s a nicely detailed and clever pin. At just €7,99 it’s an absolute bargain, and a must have for all pin collectors.

I’m not going to get too carried away however, as two months ago I thought this superb Attraction pin series was back again with Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, only to be hit with no Attraction pin and the hideous Stars & Stripes pins last month. I can only hope that common sense and good taste have prevailed, and July will see another pin in this series released.


We are now just 38 days from the opening of Ratatouille: The Adventure in Disneyland Paris, and following on from last month’s 2 Months To Go pin, we have a 1 Month To Go pin released in June. Another dangler, and a different design, and just as likely to sell out as quickly as the last one. In July I expect to see a launch pin for the attraction, or maybe the first in a series of pins to celebrate. That said, on June 28th we have 3 Ratatouille pins that have a common theme and could quite easily be a series with more to come, or they could just be a mini series of 3. I prefer the one with all characters than the other two, which look a little cheaper and less tasteful.

Keeping on the Ratatouille theme there is also a booster pack of 4 and the accompanying lanyard. If you are lucky, you could buy 8 new Ratatouille pins in Disneyland Paris in June, and a lanyard to put them all on too. Amongst that deluge of Ratatouille pins released on the 28th is a rather uninspiring, but very colourful twin park pin, which is on general release.

Pueblo Trading Post Exclusives

Along with the aforementioned Ratatouille 1 Month To Go pin, we have three others that are exclusive to the Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland. This Saturday sees a Lady and the Tramp pin, limited to just 600 pieces. This is a Paris retro pin, in the same series as the Aristocats pin released back in March. Strange that none were released in April and May, but then Attraction series come ago with no logic, so who knows why certain pins get released when.

The Dreams! pin for this month is The Lion King, and features one of the two new scenes that were added to Dreams! in April of last year. That’s released on June 14th, and then 1 week later is a Little Mermaid pin, which knowing how popular that film is I can imagine all 600 pins being snapped up in double quick time.

With the next pin trading event being held at the Beaver Creek Tavern in Sequoia Lodge on Friday June 27th, that rounds off the Disneyland Paris pin releases for June 2014. With the return of the Attraction pins, some great limited edition pins and the lack of any Star and Stripes or Eiffel Tower releases, I’d say on both quality and quantity, June sees Disneyland Paris pins back up to a pretty high level. I could quite easily see myself getting anywhere between 2 and 8 of these, if the opportunity arises.