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Disneyland Paris Pins For June 2016: It’s All Very Cute

At first glance I was really disappointed with the pin releases for June in Disneyland Paris, but I’ll let you see the pin poster and then we can talk.

Disneyland Paris Pins For June 2016: It's All Very Cute

Tsum Tsum Pins

Tsum Tsums are very simple looking as plush toys, they are simple looking in the game, and it should come as no surprise that they are simple looking as pins. As such they don’t do a lot for me personally, and the selection is not really inspiring either, given they have chosen 4 characters whose faces look very similar as a Tsum as their normal look from the films they come from.

Limited Edition Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Poppins and Finding Dory

I’m very disappointed that Disneyland Paris chose to release 3 limited edition pins from films with words starting with P, and then a 4th which doesn’t. There’s a tease of wonderful typographic consistency, then it’s snatched away! Back to the pins and it’s nice to see Stromboli featured as someone who we very rarely seen in pin form – in fact I can’t remember the last time he was immortalised in enamel. It’s the latest in the villain series which I’m sure a few of you are collecting.

We see Nana and Wendy as the latest focus in the slightly bizarre My Dog series, Mary Poppins featured in a pin to be released celebrating Summer, even though she was one of the feature characters of the Spring season which ends before any of these pins are actually released. A grand total of zero of the pins released in June feature the Frozen Summer Fun season which starts on June 4th in Disneyland Paris – baffling, to say the least. The 4th limited edition pin released on June 18th, is the same Finding Dory image we’ve been seeing on everything for months. All of these limited edition pins are sold in the Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland on release day.

Cats, Star Wars and Mouse Love

I’m not sure if they celebrate a 2nd Valentine’s Day in France, but we have a two pairs of soppy pins, and having Han and Leia quoting their immortalised lines from Empire Strikes Back doesn’t make me want them any more, but nice try. I’d prefer a pin featuring characters from Rogue One – you know, that new Star Wars film coning out in December? The Minnie and Mickey pins are quite sweet, and I can imagine Disney couples wanting these. Two Marie pins? No idea why – perhaps previous Marie pins have sold really well and this is a case of supply and demand.

I’m sure you can guess from what I have written that I am not impressed and you’d be right. I find the pin releases for Disneyland Paris for June 2016 uninspiring, wrongly timed, full of missed opportunities and overly cute. There’s not one single pin that I’d feel the need to add to my collection and that’s rare – usually I can find one I like. Stromboli is the closest I’d come to wanting one, but I’m a lot pickier about what pins I buy these days and they have to be pretty special for me to part with my money. No doubt there will be many people who love this set of pins and I’m glad, I don’t want them to have a whole bunch of failures and rethink selling pins in Disneyland Paris, but for me it’s a big no.

The pin trading night on June 25th in Hotel New York on the other hand, that could be great given it’s Mickey and the Magician themed. The exclusive pins released that night could be some of the most sought after pins in years. I’d expect a public release Mickey and the Magician pin to come out in July, when the show debuts in Disneyland Paris.