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Disneyland Paris Pins for December 2014 – Anyone Like Frozen?

The last set of pin releases in Disneyland Paris in 2014 and a chance to go out with a bang. Did they succeed?

Disneyland Paris Pins for December 2014 – Anyone Like Frozen?
Disneyland Paris Pins for December 2014 – Anyone Like Frozen?

Disneyland Paris Frozen Pins

Anna and Elsa are all over the place in Disneyland Paris at the moment and there are even Frozen snacks being sold at The Old Mill now, so it should come as no surprise that the December pin offerings are 50% Frozen, exactly. There’s no big discussion to be had here – the world loves Frozen so you have supply meet demand, something the implementation of PhotoPass+ in Disneyland Paris could learn from. Two exclusives to the Pueblo Trading Post on Saturday the 6th December, at 600 and 700 pieces respectively could well sell out before the shop is even open! The more expensive Olaf pin looks surprisingly simple for its €14,99 price tag and in my opinion is inferior to the Winter pin featuring Olaf pre life, and the two sisters from Arendelle.

The Disney Dreams! Frozen pin is pretty nice, but could have done with having Disney Dreams! of Christmas on it, rather than just Dreams!, which is actually incorrect. That one is also a Pueblo Trading Post exclusive on Saturday 13th December and somehow costs €1 less than the aforementioned Olaf pin – baffling. Two weeks later there are two very plain looking pins featuring Anna and Elsa, which are open release and look like they belong on a booster pack with two other vanilla pins. It might have been nice to mix things up a bit and have one pin featuring Kristoff and Sven – just to add in a little something different than the usual Anna, Elsa and Olaf merchandise. Just because Frozen merchandise has made The Walt Disney Company €1 billion so far doesn’t mean they should stop trying.

2015 Disneyland Paris Pins

One month on and I still hate that 2015 font – big and ugly. The Jack Skellington and Tink pins are okay, but the Tink pin could definitely use some darker colours to keep it out of the pastel vortex of pin hell. The Mickey and Castle pin is the same design they have been using for years, and has its place…next to the pastel vortex of pin hell in the cupboard of repetition.

Disneyland Paris Character Pins

The Spider-man pin makes a nice change and is actually pretty well designed with the web attached to the Disneyland Paris name arc. Duffy on the other hand has had his character meet and greet removed since the summer, so his popularity is obviously waning. Would have much preferred something that represents the season more, like a Merida pin.

The pin trading event sold out in 35 minutes, so you won’t be getting tickets to that – unless a black market for them exists? For a Frozen apathist like myself, those pins hold zero interest for me, but I do see their place, unfortunately. Every month I am disappointed to not see more pins for the attraction series, and this month good design seems to be almost completely absent. A really poor month of pins from my perspective, let’s hope 2015 sees much improvement.