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Disneyland Paris Photo of the Day: 7th January 2012 – Disney Paris Road Sign

If you’ve never driven to Disneyland Paris then you’ve probably not seen this road sign. This is a photo that I took when we drove to Disneyland Paris in November last year. Don’t worry, my friend Joe was driving, I didn’t drive and take a photograph at the same time.

Disneyland Paris Road Sign

To say we got a little bit excited on seeing you this sign would be an under-statement, but you have to understand that we’d been on the road for about 8 hours by this point and I’d had zero sleep! It made a change to have a Disney road sign above the car, as earlier in the journey an aeroplane drove over us! I kid you not, there was a huge bridge over the road and as we approached it an aeroplane crossed over head. It startled us so much that Joe forgot he was supposed to be driving the car and turned around to have a look back. Having a train drive over a bridge is nothing new, but seeing an aeroplane a few feet above us, separated by a block of concrete, was quite surreal.