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    Review: Hotel Cheyenne

    So much of the fun of a DLP holiday comes from planning it: deciding on dining plans, park itineraries and, very importantly, choosing between the many options for lodging!  That is why we here at D2DLP aim to create a series of  hotel reviews to help you decide which one will best suit your needs and tastes. First up is Hotel Cheyenne, located on the Rio Grande River just across from Hotel Santa Fe. This relatively budget-friendly, on-site hotel is very popular with families and is much beloved for its unique…

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    Seven Things That Make DLP Unique

    There are Disney parks scattered across the globe and each one is special, but there are many reasons why Disneyland Paris really stands out. Here is a quick look at  the top 7 things that we think make DLP extra-special.  1. The Music Lots of original music has been composed for the park…much of it in English! “Dancin’ a Catchy Rhythm” and “Magic Everywhere” are two particular favourites of the past.  In March 2017, “Lost in the Magic” debuted with the new parade for the 25th anniversary. And who can forget “Chante,…

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    D2DLP Podcast: Now also on Spotify!

    Greetings listeners, we know you love tuning in to the D2DLP podcast, so we’ve added another platform for you to find it on: Spotify! All the latest and previous instalments can be found, on the web-player and the app, and of course by asking Siri, Google or Alexa to “Play the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast”. How convenient is that! Since you’re here, you can of course just head over to our very own Podcast page.

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    Enter The Vault: Our D2DLP Archive

    In the future, we will look back at this age as having two periods: BC (Before Covid), and A20 (After 2020). D2DLP has been reporting since 2010, so many articles may no longer be contemporary. That doesn’t mean they’re not historically relevant. With our 2021 refresh we therefore compiled all BC posts into this special archive we call The Vault, which you can search by date, tags and keywords. Enjoy this library of Dedicated to Disneyland Paris memories!

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    7 Live Action Disney Films To Watch Before You Visit DLP

    Whether you are heading to Disneyland Paris for a day or for a week, a little preparation can really boost your visit’s enjoyment level. One great way to get ready is by watching films connected with the two parks.  It is a fun way to build up anticipation as you wait for the big day to arrive, and when you get there, you will have some backstory and points of reference to help you better appreciate the attractions. It’s pretty easy to find lists of Disney animated classics to watch before…

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    5 Ways To Celebrate DLP At Home

    The closure of Disneyland Paris may recently have been extended, but don’t despair: there are fun things you can do at home to keep the magic going during those rainy lockdown days! From making a paper model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to Taking your kids for a pretty safe washing-basket rollercoaster ride on Big Thunder Mountain, here are 5 ways to celebrate DLP at home. 1 – Make a Mickey-shaped macaron This one comes directly from At Home by Disneyland Paris, a wonderful initiative by the official DLP crew that offers…