Community: Theme Park Portal Podcast Ep. 8

D2DLP makes an appearance on the latest episode Theme Park Portal podcast hosted by Luke, discussing our new website, the Walt Disney Studios expansions, and of course our own show!

We’re all about community here at Dedicated to DLP, so when Luke from Theme Park Portal invited us for a chat on his podcast we were glad to join him. Episode 8, entitle International Disney Parks Special, dropped today and you can listen to it by following the link below.

It starts with a conversation with DisneyParkAddict who’s got his finger on the pulse of the latest Asian theme park news, including Disneyland Shanghai and Hong Kong.

We always appreciate the Disney and theme park podcast community, knowing how much work goes into putting out one on a regular basis, and of course the more information and points of view the richer we are for knowledge. It’s a small world, after all.