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The Dedicated To DLP Vault is the vast archive of articles and posts about Disneyland Paris written before the great site refresh of 2021. Search the vault for historical reviews, news and trip reports by D2DLP founder Steve Riley.

  • Disneyland Paris introduces the Disney Access One FastPass and Why It's Such a Great Idea
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    Disneyland Paris Introduces the Disney Access One FastPass and Why It’s Such a Great Idea

    As things have a habit of doing, social media blew up a little bit yesterday when Disneyland Paris announced their new Access One FastPass. In their own words, this is what it entails: Starting July 24th until September 30th, Disneyland Paris will propose to its guests the Disney Access One to make the most of Summer! Always looking for new means to meet guests’ expectations, Disneyland Paris introduces this new service which will allow them to speedily hop on one of our most popular attractions* whenever they wish, with no time…

  • Disneyland Paris Pins For July 7th 2018
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    Disneyland Paris Pins For July 2018 – The Best Scrooge Pirates of the Caribbean Pin, Cute Characters and So Many Mickey Pins

    I realise I’ve missed a few months (more than a few Steve!) of pin releases and I do apologise for that. I have managed to keep a lid on my on my pin buying and on my trip last month only bought one Marvel Summer of Super Heroes pin. As much as they do inevitably end up in my pin bag in the cupboard, I still like to get one from each trip, and try to choose one that means something and is a memory of that particular visit to Disneyland…

  • Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: Restaurant en Coulisse - The Food
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    Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: Restaurant en Coulisse

    Going back many years now I’ve seen En Coulisse in Studio 1, Walt Disney Studios as an overcrowded canteen style restaurant with poor quality food. I haven’t eaten there in quite some while, not since it was a last attempt to get food one busy summer afternoon and I was treated to a poor pizza and a struggle to find a seat. This past weekend it wasn’t my restaurant of choice, but a friend had booked a slot for us there, so I went begrudgingly. The next day, Monday 11th June…

  • Review of Marvel Summer of Super Heroes 2018 in Disneyland Paris
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    Marvel Summer of Super Heroes in Disneyland Paris Review

    When I announced last Friday that I would be returning to Disneyland Paris for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes launch event, the over-riding reaction was but Steve, you said you weren’t going to Disneyland Paris this year! That’s fair, as I had spent the last 5 months explaining why we wouldn’t be returning in 2018. Then I got an invitation to attend this launch weekend, and when looking at how many Eurostar vouchers I had to use, a very reasonable rate for Hotel Santa Fe on the Sunday night and…

  • The Mysterious Chronicle Photo Location at The Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris
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    New Phantom Manor Photo Location in Disneyland Paris – What Is It and Do We Want More?

    You may or may not know, but Phantom Manor is currently closed for refurbishment, one that will see some of the original Vincent Price audio come back, reveal the identity of the Phantom and presumably a lot more. So for now, you can’t experience Phantom Manor. However, from June 18th, you have a rather unique photo opportunity that will see you walk away with a very special souvenir. Here’s the official text from Disneyland Paris: Ghosts have been seen escaping from the Ravenswood Manor. James Collins Esq. the Thunder Mesa photographer,…

  • The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party
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    Experiencing The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party in Disneyland Paris – From Home Via The Live Stream

    Disney FanDaze has been a much talked about ticket-only event in Disneyland Paris for some time now, and yesterday was finally the day it all happened over in Walt Disney Studios. We only found out a few days ago that Disneyland Paris would be covering the event, but what exactly would that entail? Well, it turned out that their coverage was an all-encompassing 6 hours and 35 minutes of live video, which you can watch back now on the official Disneyland Paris YouTube channel: httpvh:// Before I get into the different…