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Disneyland Paris Pins for January 2012 – Just One New Pin

It’s taken me ages to find out what the new pin releases are in Disneyland Paris for January 2012 as the pin trading page on the official website still has the December 2011 pins displayed. Thanks to a friend who is a cast member I at last have the January 2012 releases.

Disneyland Paris January 2012 Pins

As you can see there is only 1 new pin for January 2012 and that came out last Saturday, exactly 1 week ago. It’s the pretty standard Sorcerer Mickey, Castle and Earful Tower with the year pin release that we see most years. Having Sorcerer Mickey featured on it is more relevant this year given his involvement in the new 20th Anniversary show and parade.

I’m not sure why there is only 1 pin released this month. It’s not a January thing as last year they released 7 individual pins and a 4 pin Tangled set. Not only that but it seems that Disneyland Paris also misses out on the Hidden Mickey pins that appear in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, unless they just didn’t mention Disneyland Paris in the blog post for some reason.

1 pin release in the first month of the 20th Anniversary year is very disappointing and I can only hope that future pin releases make up for this poor show.