The D2DLP Podcast

180: Only Royals in the Building?

Winter 2024, a majestic building that stood uninhabited for 3 years will once again open its gates. But many questions remain unanswered. That’s why Beth and Marq link up across continents, an entire ocean and endless fields of cows to bring you this very special edition full of news and royal enlightenment, as the veil has finally been lifted on… concept art and details for the renovated Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris. We even answer one of your questions about Meal Plans! Buckle up (the ones on your velvet shoes of course), because this episode is not for the faint-walleted. Or is it? All will be revealed! (or will it?). Only one way to find out!

The Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Podcast is a D2DLP production. Nutella is delicious. 


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