Welcome to the Dedicated to DLP Duffy photo album! I don’t actually own a Duffy (yet?) but I’m asking visitors to this website, that’s you, to send in photos of their Duffy to me at dlp@dedicatedtodlp.com. You can send as many photos as you want – maybe your Duffy has travelled all over the place and he wants people to see his holiday photos or maybe you have a photo of Duffy at your favourite attraction in Disneyland Paris or anywhere else in the world. All photos that get sent to me will be featured on this page, which will become a diary of the travels of Duffy The Disney Bear. Remember, you can send in more photos as your Duffy goes on more adventures – everyone would love to see them.

Janet: Duffy in New York Janet: Duffy in New York Janet: Duffy in New York
Janet: Duffy in New York Sam & Duffy - Disney Dreams in Sequoia Lodge Sam & Duffy in Walt Disney Studios Sam & Duffy on the Eurostar



3 Responses to “Duffy”

  1. pixarA113 says:

    Really liking Duffy but he is so…. expensive. Best part of 30 euros for a basic bear and then another 20 for at least one outfit puts him outside of our price tag. If they priced him in the build a bear type range then I’m sure they would have a lot more fans.

  2. Charli says:

    This is extremely late but are you still interested in pics of the Duffster? (Or, in my case, I own a Shellie May) I have quite a few of Shellie in Japan at Tokyo Disney Resort!

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