My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #4 – April 2018


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While last month may have been easy to resist, April was nothing of the sort, and the pangs of longing to be in Disneyland Paris started very early. I bought a digital picture frame many years ago, and finally, at the start of the month set it up. Of course, being that holidays to Disneyland Paris have dominated both our vacation times and our memories, it was photos from our magic place that made up the vast majority of the pictures on rotation. Seeing Lucas, at all ages, looking so happy had me thinking that maybe, just maybe we could go after all. So off to the laptop I went, but unfortunately I didn’t find the prices had decreased dramatically, so I didn’t end up booking anything.

My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #4 - April-2018 - Lucas and Stteve

Thanks to an opportunity I almost ended up with plans to visit Disneyland Paris this very month of May, for the shortest time to date. However that didn’t pan out, so as we enter the 5th month of 2018 we still have no plans to visit, and no idea when we might again. When Disneyland Paris announced that at last they would be celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4th, something they have not capitalised on previously, I had mixed emotions. Glad they had finally taken the initiative in a very easy to organise fan-pleasing way, but also sad, that as a huge Star Wars fan I wouldn’t be there. To be fair, thanks to the infamous short notice Disneyland Paris is known for, 3 weeks between announcement and event wouldn’t have been enough time for me to attend anyway. So for once that worked in my favour, sort of.

We actually have 2 small holidays coming up, both to the beach which as a family we love. I, of course, have been telling myself, and will continue to do so, that these are sufficient and that we won’t miss visiting Disneyland Paris at all. Not sure I’m very convincing though.

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  1. Sarah Rickard says:

    Really feeling for you dude. It’s so hard as fans ourselves, then we see our kids in their element in those photos and even if it’s within your will power suddenly the pangs are hundredfold.

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