My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #3 – March 2018


When Was The Last Time You Didn’t Go To Disneyland Paris For A Whole Year?
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March was the easiest month to resist so far. I didn’t go to the booking website once and didn’t even contemplate booking a trip this year. There was lots going on, what with Country to Country 2018, Easter and a whole load of new albums coming out – my mind was otherwise occupied. We have also planned our week off in the summer, so now that isn’t free, the option of going to Disneyland Paris in August isn’t even on the table anymore. That would only leave Halloween or Christmas, and both Denise and Lucas found Christmas too cold last year. Yes, I know, I wasn’t the one shivering for once! Halloween, the one time I’ve been around the half-term period was way too crowded that I wouldn’t even consider it with Lucas.

I have to admit, the advertising of Marvel Summer of Heroes, using certain characters, and then putting them behind a paywall has left a sour taste in my mouth as well. Luckily I hadn’t already booked or I’d be mighty p*ssed off. It seems to be the way they are going more and more, and with the already increasing cost of going, this year of not going to Disneyland Paris could end up being extended, especially with plans to visits another theme park in Europe next year already agreed by all members of the family…maybe.

My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #3 – March 2018

I wonder if maybe I could end up not going until the big Walt Disney Studios expansion is complete? I doubt it, because as much as we have other things going on and higher priorities right now, we all still love Disneyland Paris and I definitely want to return before Lucas gets much older. At 10 next month there’s a chance he won’t be interested in Disney in a few years time. I can’t imagine that given how much he loves going now, and watched Disney films in abundance at home, but you never know. The year isn’t out yet though, never say never…

The good thing about having my mind elsewhere this past month is that the Pirates and Princesses festival has launched and I have seen nothing of it, nor the reaction from people who went. So I can sit down one rainy evening and check out the videos, and have a good chat about what I think here on the website, or maybe in a podcast, or even on YouTube. Oh the possibilities 😀 Disneyland Paris wasn’t so far from my mind that I didn’t have time to compile my top 10 Disneyland Paris rides list which I posted on my personal blog here, and discussed on episode 116 of the podcast. See you in a month!

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