My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #2 – February 2018

That month went quickly, but being February, it was a short one. If you want some background reading to this article, then here you go:

When Was The Last Time You Didn’t Go To Disneyland Paris For A Whole Year?
My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #1 – January 2018

So how has month two faired? It was all going very well, that is until I was chatting to my son Lucas during a half term day trip to London, and I gave him a theoretical question: what would you choose – never play football again, or never go to Disneyland Paris again? Given what a football nut he is, I was quite surprised when he chose to never play football again. It played on my mind most of that evening, so I posed the question again the next morning, with a slight change: what would you choose – never play football again, never talk about football, never have Match Attax Cards and never play Fifa, or never go to Disneyland Paris again? Without hesitation, the answer was the same – he chose Disneyland Paris over absolutely everything to do with football. I was in shock.

My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #2 – February 2018

After such a revelation, and knowing how much it meant to Lucas, I started pricing things up. Unfortunately, the prices hadn’t changed, and staying on site for our standard 4 night / 5 day stay was going to cost us well into the £1,500 price range. That did include half board meal options which saves quite a bit, though we wouldn’t normally eat in such restaurants every day anyway, so more a luxury than a like for like saving. Off-site was the same story as last month too, costing well over £1,000 before even setting foot in Disneyland Paris, no meals included. Paying those prices at the moment just isn’t an option for us, and Lucas having a rare meltdown the next day, unrelated to Disneyland Paris, eased my guilt.

Then, of course, the huge €2 billion Walt Disney Studios expansion plan was announced, and before you read on, if you haven’t already, watch my initial reaction and thoughts on that.

Incredibly exciting I’m sure you’ll agree. But what this does show me, is that as much as I’d like to visit Disneyland Paris this year, and the blase I don’t need to go this year and I won’t miss it attitude is fading quickly, there is so much to look forward to, and Disneyland Paris has so much to offer us in the future. I’m not going to pretend it’s easy seeing people in the place I love so much, knowing I’m not going anytime soon, but I’ve had so many great trips and I’m happy so many are still getting to enjoy the place that has given me so many magical memories.

So I’ve gone two months into 2018 without booking a trip to Disneyland Paris and without one planned. I know it’s the right thing for us right now, but it’s not because I don’t love the place and I’ll be renewing my lottery ticket for this weekend. However, the expansion plan news and the intrigue and excitement that will bring, keeps my heart very much with Disneyland Paris.

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