My Year Without Disneyland Paris Update #1 – January 2018

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote the article in which I declared, explained why, I wouldn’t be visiting Disneyland at all in 2018. Being the 1st February it’s time for my month 1 progress update.

My job has changed quite drastically (in a very positive direction) in the last few months, and as such my time online has decreased dramatically (not sure I like drastically and dramatically in the same sentence, nor two sets of parenthesis, but I’m going with it), and as such I’ve probably been exposed to less Disneyland Paris activity than any time since I first visited in 2002. I have dipped in here and there, written the odd article and recorded a couple of podcasts, so that’s kept me abreast and involved. Of course, being a family who has spent many holidays in Disneyland Paris, and will do again in the future, it’s never far from our minds, reminded by photos and merchandise scattered around the house.

So January being the first month of the year, no news there, how close was I to cracking, and booking a holiday to Disneyland Paris? Well, on more than one occasion I visited the booking part of the official website, thinking that maybe a 5 day holiday in the summer would be manageable, and maybe there were some offers on that would allow us to visit the place we love the most AND get the decorating done, and carpets ordered. Alas, that wasn’t to be, as for the three of us it came to well over £1,000, and that is before Eurostar (I wouldn’t trust my car to do the journey there, let alone back again), food and a night in a hotel before we go. Being an Infinity Annual Pass (AP) holder myself I could book the room that way, but Lucas and Denise would both need either an AP or tickets, and the price soon adds up that way too. That’s part of the reason why looking off site didn’t reduce costs a great deal, that and Val d’Europe prices seem significantly higher than in previous years. Maybe they’ve finally realised that they are in high demand from an ever increasing customer base, and can afford to make more money – good on them.

I also looked at a May half term holiday, a time of year we have been before and always had great weather and manageable crowds. Remarkably that was more expensive than summer. Now I realise we could go for a shorter stay, but as we go so rarely, we like to make the most of it and have enough time to do anything, and with all the new seasons going on, a 2 or 3 day trip, for example, wouldn’t be nearly enough time to experience all the new bits, and everything else that we absolutely have to do each trip. Besides, once you factor in Eurostar and pre trip hotel, the cost is actually not that much less than the longer trip.

I blame Disneyland Paris themselves for making me reconsider my no visit year, because their advertising has stepped up into high gear, and I’ve seen great adverts on television for the new Marvel Summer of Super Heroes, whilst online we’ve been getting teases of what to expect at the Pirates and Princesses season this Spring. That and my admission that I made a mistake to not book for Season of the Force and I’m realising that 2018 in Disneyland Paris has far more to offer me than I had originally thought. I’m staying strong though, and as we enter month number 2, we still have no visits to Disneyland Paris planned. I’ll update you again in one month, on what has tempted me, how far into the booking process I may have gotten, or what, if anything, has made me even more resolute about my decision to be Disneyland Paris free in 2018.

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