Disneyland Paris Rumour: Extra Magic Hours to be Fantasyland, Crush’s Coaster and Ratatouille Only

It wasn’t long ago that the rumours started to appear of reduced Extra Magic Hours (EMH) in Disneyland Paris, and for a reminder for those who have either forgotten or weren’t clued into the grapevine, it is thought that EMH will drop from 2 hours to 1 hour at the start of October, 9-10am, but will be both Disneyland Park AND Walt Disney Studios, on a daily basis, rather than one or the other as it is at the moment. This means we lose an hour in the Parks, but do get the option of choosing which one we enjoy the EMH in.

ED92 came out with some more meat to this rumour, by announcing that EMH in Disneyland Park will only now be Fantasyland and not Discoveryland too, like it has been for many years. They’ve even gone one further and named the attractions which will be open, and they are Le Carrousel de Carousel, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Peter Pan’s Flight, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Princess Pavilion. Over in Walt Disney Studios it will purportedly be Ratatouille and Crush’s Coaster only. Someone else pitched in with an ‘I have heard…’ adding Rock n Roller Coaster to the list of 2, but quite honestly that sounds unlikely as at least Crush and Ratatouille are close together, adding R n R means opening up a completely different area of Studios for that hour.

For me personally, I rarely make it into the Parks before 9am, as I prefer stretching the day out in the Evening/night and having breakfast the next day. But even then it still smarts a bit that we are effectively being given one hour less for our money. Unless you can clone yourself and send yourself to both Disneyland Park and Studios at the same time – EMH is now only 1 hour, half of what it used to be. The biggest disappointment is not having Discoveryland open as it was Star Tours (when it was open for EMH) and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast that were always our go to attractions during EMH. Fantasyland holds little interest to us for attractions, and of those reportedly open during EMH, we would only rush to Peter Pan’s Flight*

Over in Walt Disney Studios I have said that I want to try Crush next, after my recent Big Thunder Mountain epiphany, so getting there as EMH start may be my best chance of doing that without a huge queue. Although saying that, with so few attractions now open for those who like more than the cute and pink of Fantasyland (I know it’s more than that, but I’m simplifying it for dramatic effect), Crush is one of the only things that will appeal, so queues during EMH could be just as long as during normal opening hours. The same with Ratatouille, though as an attraction that is one that seems be losing appeal for me with each subsequent ride. Maybe I can be turned around with small queues during EMH!

Now, you may have noticed an asterisk a few paragraphs back, and that’s because there is actually one other thing in Fantasyland that I would be interested in, and that’s Princess Pavilion. I always like the meet experience in there and I have only met Anna, Elsa and Ariel in there so far. Though I think I’d have to get to the gates early and run like an Olympic sprinter, as that would most likely be the most popular thing in EMH by far. In fact it’s the characters that would now I’m sure be more popular than ever, and I’m intrigued to see if any more will be added on Main Street and if we’ll also get some over in Studios. Speaking of which, queuing for whoever is meeting people at Art of Animation may also be a preferred use of EMH.

I’ve been playing devil’s advocate a bit in this article, as in reality I don’t make the most of EMH, not by a long way. It’s just a shame that when I do make it, the land I usually go to will not be available any more, and extra rides on Tea Cups is not really a great trade off. If they could just add Tower of Terror to the Walt Disney Studios offering and maybe Buzz Lightyear in Discoveryland, it would all seem like a much more positive change. Though all said and done, I’ll probably now just be queuing for Frontierland rope drop every day – ready to fuel my new Big Thunder Mountain obsession.

We have to remember that these are just rumours and nothing has been confirmed by Disneyland Paris themselves. That said, if this is set to happen – how will it change the way you holiday in Disneyland Paris at the start of the day, if at all?

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