Another Open Letter To Disneyland Paris Cast Members

4 years and a few months ago I wrote this Open Letter To Disneyland Paris Cast Members. Now I’ve not read that since, and I don’t intend to read it before penning (can I still use that word even though I’m typing? It sounds more authentic and arty!) this letter, so if there is repetition, my apologies, but I’m sure you’ll cope.

Yesterday we returned from a 5 day trip in Disneyland Paris, and yes, there will be lots of articles on the way covering the Pirates of the Caribbean relaunch, my Big Thunder Mountain discovery and much more. Right now, home just over 12 hours, I feel like talking to the Cast Members of Disneyland Paris is my priority.

Dear Cast Members (of Disneyland Paris)

Thank you. Thank you 1,000 times over for everything you did for us this past week. Thank you for the smiles as we approached each attraction, and the same smiles and waves on the way out. Thank you for responding to every Bonjour, merci and au revoir, because yes, we are that family that does that each and every time we see you. Whether you are manning the turnstiles, sweeping the streets, showing us where to wait, taking us to our seats, enjoying the poses me made in PhotoPass photos as much as we did making them, facilitating our purchase of yet another packet of Lays crisps or one of the many roles you Cast Members do, we’ll smile, wave and offer up a salutation of some kind. Being parents we like to teach Lucas to be friendly and welcoming to everyone, and being in France we encourage him to speak as much French as possible. So thank you for not only accepting that, but reciprocating in kind.

Meeting Moana in Disneyland Paris

Thank you all for allowing me to use my French, and not laughing when I get things wrong. Your compliments, whether based in truth or just to make me feel good about my attempts were very much appreciated. Thank you for your patience when replying to me in French, and waiting for the cogs to turn in my head as I work out what you said. I only speak French in Disneyland Paris so it’s always a bit rusty when we arrive. Thanks to those of you from English speaking countries who didn’t make me feel like a fool when speaking to you in a language I’m by far an expert in, and not the English that we both speak as our first language!

I want to stop saying thank you, but it’s hard when I have so much to be thankful to you all for. As much as I appreciate all the things you do for me, it’s the way you treat my son Lucas that really warms my heart. So back to the gratitude and thank you so much, from the bottom of that aforementioned heart, for everyone who posed for a photo with Lucas, for those who chatted to him, to those who picked him out of a crowd and interacted with him, to the characters who made him feel like the star in his own fantasy world, and to every single one of you who without excpetion treated him like he was your very own. I say this especially as I witnessed on more than one occasion you Cast Members being very badly treated, for just doing their jobs and enforcing rules that are there for everyone’s safety. I never once saw you guys lose your cool, and dealt with the situation as best as you could.

Meeting a Pirate in Disneyland Paris

I’ve always found Cast Members of Disneyland Paris to be a great bunch, but this trip you all seemed happier than ever, and that you transferred to us, giving us extra bits of magic that the greatest attractions in the world could never offer. I’ll close this letter by once again saying thank you Disneyland Paris Cast Members, to each and every one of you, for making these last 5 days the most magical and memorable of our lives. Walking in the gates on day 1 it felt like we were seeing hundreds of old friends, and leaving at the end of day 5 it felt like we were saying goodbye to family.

Thank you

Steve, Denise and Lucas

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