Disneyland Paris News: Extra Magic Hours Dropping To 1 Hour From October

Spotted by ED92 earlier today and backed up by the official Disneyland Paris website, it would appear that from October 1st 2017, Extra Magic Hours will be dropping from the current 8-10am slot, to a 9am-10am slot.

Disneyland Paris News: Extra Magic Hours Dropping To 1 Hour From October

It’s worth noting that while there is a reduction in time from 2 hours to just 1 hour for Extra Magic Hours, it is now at both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios, not just the 1 park as it has always generally been. However, as you can’t be in 2 places at once that effectively does halve your Extra Magic Hours for trips after September 30th. So that’s 1 hour less for every full day that you’ll be able to queue for character meets, selected attractions or just less busy ambling around.

With just 1 hour for people to get there Extra Magic Hours activities in it could of course be far busier than we are used to now, but 2 with parks open to split guests, it may not change. That’s as long as the offerings are of equal standard in both parks, with just as attractive meet and greet opportunities in Walt Studios as there are in Disneyland Park. And what rides will be open in Walt Disney Studios? I’d hope that Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster and Ratatouille: The Adventure would be the first ones chosen, given how busy they get every day.

At first glance it won’t affect me a great deal personally, as we tend to only make it into the parks by the second hour of Extra Magic Hours anyway. But then getting in will be far more chaotic given people won’t have been in an hour before me already, and it won’t be long until general admission guests start arriving and queuing too. With the removal of breakfast as part of the on -site package deal, it’s yet another bonus of staying on site that has been taken away. We are staying at Hotel Cheyenne this coming December, by which time this system will be fully in place, or revoked it it’s an abject failure, so I’ll see for myself how it works out.

The calendar on the official Disneyland Paris website actually only goes up to October 1st, so maybe it’s only that day that Extra Magic Hours are going to be handled in this way, or maybe they are just trolling us to see how many of these such articles will get written! People seem to be reporting it as an ongoing change starting on October 1st, so maybe there is more information out there. At this moment in time I don’t see the benefits. On paper it looks like the same amount of Extra Magic Hours as now, given it’s to be spread over 2 parks, but in reality, to me and you and how we will be able to use them, it’s a drop of 2 hours to 1. So now I ask all of you – what are your thoughts on this?

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As the founder of Dedicated to DLP Steve is a self confessed Disneyland Paris fanatic and has an unrivaled passion for the resort, its history and what makes it work. He has a particular love of Pirates of the Caribbean, which he often talks about as the host of the podcast and the weekly YouTube show.



4 Responses to “Disneyland Paris News: Extra Magic Hours Dropping To 1 Hour From October”

  1. Larney says:

    Hi Steve, its an odd one as like you I read it on ED92 this morning as well as Dlrp, people were really falling out with eachotber about it, we also really only manage to get in for the 2nd hour and we always seem to go when there is never any extra hours at WDS so I for one am happy but not as happy as 2 hours extra in both parks but people seem to think that it is their right to have extra hours when it’s not, these are extras, bonuses to staying on site. We have stayed both on site and off multiple times over the years and just purley having the disney location and distance from the parks is enough for us to always chose on site, it is also cheaper for us, there is only two of us and we can pay as much as a family of four to stay off site. So all in all it doesn’t reflect our decision at all and we should stop complaining about extras being changed or removed entirely, if you’re a true Disney fan and you just love being there then get on with it and not judge or insult others, seriously have a look on the comments on dlrp on fb, people were bringing in whether or not you had kids or not whether you had a right to have a voice on the subject!

  2. George says:

    DLP keeps going downhill I’m afraid, no breakfast anymore, 1 magic hour gone, Star Wars added everywhere.

  3. Alan Wheeler says:

    Weren’t we hear at some point last winter too? I’m sure I remember some point in the last year where EMH went down to an hour. Will this time it become more of a thing, well time will tell.

    I personally suspect this has something to do with money. Perhaps they’ve worked out that whilst there is clearly the same amount of time across the two parks overall maybe they need less staff shifts, hence the money saving.

    If previous Studios EMH is anything to go by then your wish of Crush and Rattatoui will be one and I also seem to remember the Tower was too, but not a lot else. Although these 3 really do make EMH even for just an hour a real benefit in my opinion in the Studios.

    I used to try to make early EMH quite often but to be honest it did mean getting up pretty early and that extra hour in bed would definitely be welcome.

  4. Gene says:

    Hi Steve, I think this is a good move especially to ease the queue time on the big studio attractions. We’re a family that have been holidaying in Disney parks for many many years & yes we do use the emh on a couple of days when in dlp. We have however found that if we start in Disneyland Park at 8am & work our way through the attractions that are open, by 9 am we’re looking at early character queues or having second rides until the other lands/attractions open. Due to this on our last couple of trips we have started getting to the parks just before 9 & to be honest its just as productive & the lay in is good for those long days in the parks!

    Counting down till our next trip & can’t wait.

    (Disney obsessed Dad of 3, husband of 1! )

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