Disneyland Paris News Weekly #30: Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary & Double Prize Giveaway

This week is ALL about the Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary – new parade, new nighttime show, 2 new daytime shows, Mickey Mouse and double Star Wars. There’s also the special holiday wallet and a giveaway with 2 great pieces of Disneyland Paris merchandise.

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As the founder of Dedicated to DLP Steve is a self confessed Disneyland Paris fanatic and has an unrivaled passion for the resort, its history and what makes it work. He has a particular love of Pirates of the Caribbean, which he often talks about as the host of the podcast and the weekly YouTube show.



One Response to “Disneyland Paris News Weekly #30: Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary & Double Prize Giveaway”

  1. larney says:

    Hi Steve! Great Video as always, hope leaving a comment here counts as I cant subscribe to YouTube but do subscribe to the website 🙂

    1. I am most looking forward to just simply going! I will be 30 next year and have been promised a b-day treat, it will be Christmas and the 25th Anniversary and our 4th wedding anniversary!

    2. If I win please can I have the calendar.

    Have a great time! Will look forward to all your articles, podcasts and videos when you get back.

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