Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Podcast Episode 86: Just One Thing Left to Do

Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Podcast 86: Just One Thing Left to Do

With a shareholders meeting and the insider fan accounts on overdrive this week, there is a huge list of Disneyland Paris news and rumours to get through on this episode – from hotel and attraction closures to a brand new restaurant, from Christmas parade news to characters in Walt Disney Studios and more Frozen. Oh yes, and breakfastGATE. Then there’s the part of the show that all of you lovely listeners provided the content for, as the question was asked: What one thing have you never done in Disneyland Paris that you want to, and why haven’t you done it yet?

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As the founder of Dedicated to DLP Steve is a self confessed Disneyland Paris fanatic and has an unrivaled passion for the resort, its history and what makes it work. He has a particular love of Pirates of the Caribbean, which he often talks about as the host of the podcast and the weekly YouTube show.



2 Responses to “Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Podcast Episode 86: Just One Thing Left to Do”

  1. larney says:

    Hey Steve, great podcast as always, was good to hear what other people haven’t been able to do as I always feel guilty if I haven’t dome something or chickened out! I too have done Tower of Terror and not the Parachutes, I am terrified of heights and so tower although high I am inside and its sporadic viewing of the outside but also saying that I haven’t been on it the last 3 times we’ve gone. We also always stay at Hotel Cheyenne, its the best theme, best value but also I very special to me and hubby, we were engaged at dlp whilst staying at Cheyenne and also spent our honeymoon there, we have stayed twice at hotel e’elysee when we first went together 7 years ago and also in April this year when forced to go in half term but that wont happen again! Again I love listening to this podcast, watching the videos and reading the articles, it helps the pain of missing dlp so much in between trips!

  2. Geno says:

    Good evening Steve,

    I tried to email but it wouldn’t send! Just a quick one to discuss the current changes in Discoveryland.
    Following the previous podcast where the direction of Discoveryland was discussed I think there is every chance that the area will loose it’s old identity and be reworked to become a Star Wars land. I can’t see them creating a whole new land in another area ie DHS as the relocation of Star Tours would be a huge & costly operation & would they really want large chunks of Star Wars in both parks? I think the Overlay of Space Mountain is quite likely to stick around as it makes the ride more relevant for the younger generation & can be kept up to speed with the movies (new projections etc). Along with Space Mountain there is also the remodeling of Pizza Planet to add to the equation & it looks like the Jedi Academy is here to stay & it too can be updated along with all the movie releases & again be kept relevant. My last thought on this possible complete Star Wars overlay is that it would also be possible to remodel 1 of the existing Discoveryland buildings into a millennium falcon walk through, which would be hands down amazing. I will say before I completely sell out to Star Wars that I do love the current Discoveryland theming but you know as do I the Parks need to change & we as fans enjoy changing with them, even if we don’t always 100% approve.
    Anyway enough of that for now, I like everyone else am on the edge of my seat for the anniversary announcements & am looking forward to what comes out from DLP. Just a quick ear worm for you, the Studio Tram Tour as you well know is a mighty piece of estate & it just so happens that they stopped the refurbishment & it’s all gone quiet over there, maybe something in the pipeline?? Cars land would fit in there like a glove, just a thought ?
    Fantastic podcasts and articles as always mate, good job.

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