Is runDisney Finally Coming to Disneyland Paris?

runDisney in Disneyland Paris

runDisney in Disneyland Paris

It was in March last year that I wrote about runDisney coming to Disneyland Paris, based on this exert from a runDisney survey:

runDisney is considering hosting a Half Marathon event in Paris, France in the Fall of 2014 (between late September and early November). The Disneyland® Paris Half Marathon race course would wind through both Disneyland Paris theme parks and Disney® Village, with the last 8–9 miles running through the countryside surrounding the Disneyland Paris parks.

Keeping your other planned trips in mind, if this event was offered, how likely would you be to participate in the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon for 50 euros (about $70 US)?

Well late September 2014 is here, and though early November is still a while away, we have nothing. I say nothing, that was until today, and this photo taken from within Disneyland Paris by our friends over at DLRP Express:

Is runDisney Finally Coming to Disneyland Paris?

Is runDisney Finally Coming to Disneyland Paris?

This surely has to be something to do with runDisney, and the timing is very coincidental with what was asked in that survey. However, if runDisney is coming to Disneyland Paris, I don’t think it’s coming this year. In fact given they appear to be taking these promo shots with Halloween theming clearly on display, I’m thinking they have plans to introduce it in September/October 2015. That or they have very cleverly managed to get a shot with no pumpkins in, or want to announce a Spring 2015 event and will Photoshop them out.

The timing of this is ironic to say the least, as just 2 hours ago I was at an appointment with my physiotherapist to talk about an injury I picked up at the gym – training to get fit! Do not fear, I have not sustained irreversible damage, so any announcement of runDisney and I’ll be training along with the rest of you. Any kind of run will be a Herculean effort on my part, and a half marathon sounds as much fantasy as one of Disneyland Paris’ lands, but I’ll try.

So, assuming this does mean runDisney is coming to Disneyland Paris, and I do get through this injury, who fancies training with me? Obviously we can’t all physically train together, though you are more than welcome to come running in my local park with me, but we can motivate each other over social media and right here on this website. Running with friends, around the Disneyland Paris resort, sounds like the best kind of running, if such a thing exists!

Of course this photo could be for something completely different, in which case we’ll have to keep hoping for our runDisney dreams to come true at a later date. Maybe by then they will have asked the opinion of people who actually visit Disneyland Paris regularly, and not just runDisney runners predominantly from America.

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6 Responses to “Is runDisney Finally Coming to Disneyland Paris?”

  1. th3m3 p4rk says:

    I would love to do a runDisney in dlp. It would be great if there were characters along the route to meet just like in the US parks

  2. Matthew says:

    Just got back to the UK from doing the Half. marathon Weekend in Disneyland. Incredible event and as a family (yes they do kids races) we are desperate for them to confirm DLP! There were lots of rumours from the Run Disney staff at the expo, but nobody would deny or confirm anything!

    Here’s hoping!

  3. Nikki says:

    Accordin to rundisney they have no plans for any races in Paris…. Or so they said in email to me when I enquired….

  4. Emily says:

    Found this. No idea if real but looks it?!

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