Disneyland Paris News: Characters Will Remain For Castle Club Breakfast

You may remember back in February, news broke that characters will no longer appear in the hotels. We later found out that they would be relocating to the Parks, and would be there to meet hotel guests (and Annual Pass holders) during Extra Magic Hours. Thanks to information given to my friend @keiko315 by Département Suites in Disneyland Paris, this is true except for on the Castle Club Floor (in Disneyland Hotel) where during breakfast time the Disney Characters will come to meet and greet guests.

Characters in The Castle Club Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris

Characters in The Castle Club Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris

The above photo shows Martin’s son Jake with Mickey and Pluto, looking out to the park. As I said on Twitter, this is the epitome of a picture is worth a thousand words and I absolutely love the moment it captures.

What we don’t know yet is whether anything will replace the Descent of the Stairs (actually called Magic Moment, but Descent of the Stairs seems to be its adopted name to which it is more widely known) which will also be finishing soon. This is a particularly nice perk of staying in the Disneyland Hotel, though there is nothing to stop non hotel residents from enjoying it too, which is no doubt why they have put an end to it. Maybe they will have something elsewhere in the hotel where Disneyland Hotel guests will have to show proof that they are staying there.

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3 Responses to “Disneyland Paris News: Characters Will Remain For Castle Club Breakfast”

  1. Figgygirl says:

    I agree with stopping the Meet & Greet part of DOTS but a great shame that they will no longer do the Descent. They could easily do this, and then exit the Lobby. It doesn’t take long, but a lovely extra event for people to see, and there is plenty of space in the DLH Lobby and along the balcony. It’s only the M&G part which is a disorganised nightmare with people pushing and shoving. I enjoy watching DOTS, and getting photos and video, so very sad to see it stop.
    We knew in February that only Castle Club would have Characters from November. I was in Resort when the news broke, and it was confirmed when I asked in the New York and the DLH, although they were being rather cagey about it! They weren’t sure about Empire State at the time, but they said Characters would still be in Castle Club during breakfast. But no longer in Golden Forest Club. Following this, quite a few of our Forum posters changed their room or hotel if they had booked GFC for dates after November 12th.

  2. Figgygirl says:

    What a truly special photo of Jake with Mickey and Pluto.
    I’m not surprised they are stopping Characters in the hotels from 13th November really – I think the hotels will become more like the Disney ones in WDW, (which don’t have Character M&G), and I also won’t be surprised if they stop including breakfast, or park tickets one day, as in WDW hotels which are room only.
    I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Especially with the amount of extra food being taken from the Disney hotels’ breakfast buffets to make picnic lunches. That never used to happen – now it’s given as a tip in reviews and people see others doing it, so its getting worse. No wonder queues for the restaurants at breakfast are often long, when people stay longer at their tables making up their picnics instead of eating and leaving.

    • Steve says:

      I never knew it was room only in the states, but I honestly don’t think will happen in Paris. With occupancy not great, I think they need to offer as much as they can and they’d have to reduce prices without the extras….and as I write that, maybe lowering the price but being room only would increase occupancy. Then again, with stays being far lower and more breaks for most than a full on long holiday, I think the all in price would still be the more preferable option. Interesting topic that would make a good feature for the podcast.

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