Disneyland Paris News: Christmas 2014 – New Float, Anna & Elsa and Princess Promenade

It’s been a busy 10 days for news, as just last week the plans for Halloween 2014 in Disneyland Paris were revealed and now the official Disneyland Paris website gives us an idea of what we can expect of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas which runs from November 9th 2014 to January 7th 2015.

Celebrate amid snow-kissed splendour

Dazzling decorations and Disney Characters offer the warmest of season’s greetings, while the glowing star atop our giant tree grants Magical Christmas Wishes all season long.

Last year the new decorations looked stunning and one of the highlights of the new celebrations was Magical Christmas Wishes, which saw the new Christmas Tree lit up in many colours, accompanied by some wondrous music and narration from Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio. Magical is the perfect word to use for this newest version of the tree lighting ceremony, which can be viewed from 360 degrees, giving you many more places to watch it from.

Magical Christmas Wishes in Disneyland Paris

Magical Christmas Wishes in Disneyland Paris

Catch a festive flight of fancy

Be dazzled as our nighttime spectacular takes a seasonal twist to become Disney Dreams®! of Christmas and find the Frozen princesses illuminated amid its incredible fantasy

Disney Dreams! of Christmas is absolutely sensational, and for me was the highlight of a Christmas Season that seemed to be surpass all those previous to it. The use of characters from Frozen of course delighted the crowds, and for me it was getting everyone to sing Jingle Bells in multiple languages that topped it off, followed by the lights of Main Street, U.S.A. coming on in tune with the music of the show at the end. The perfect end to any Christmas infused day in Disneyland Paris.

Sing-a-Long Jingle Bells in Disney Dreams! of Christmas in Disneyland Paris

Sing-a-Long Jingle Bells in Disney Dreams! of Christmas in Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Christmas Parade snowballs in size

The season’s biggest parade just got bigger – and tastier! Join this Christmas Celebration as Santa, Mickey and a stocking full of Disney stars flood the street with extra performers and an incredible new Sugar and Spice float.

News leaked out just recently that Disney Magic on Parade would not be running during the Christmas Season, so instead it looks like they have added a new float to the Christmas Cavalcade instead, which I wonder if we’ll see running more than the 3 times a day it did last year? We don’t know much about the Sugar and Spice float, except that @DisneylandBerry has confirmed it will feature Chip ‘n’ Dale, among others. I do wonder with a name like Sugar and Spice whether some smells will be emanating from the new float? There will be giant gingerbread men with Mickey ears – which sounds like a merchandise money making fortune in the making – I’m in! I’m a huge fan of the new Cavalcade culture in Disneyland Paris and the Christmas version in 2013 was brilliant, with even more dancers and characters than previously and tons of crowd interaction. I wonder if the oddly included Incredibles will be back this year?

Toy Story Float in the Christmas Cavalcade in Disneyland Paris

Toy Story Float in the Christmas Cavalcade in Disneyland Paris

ALL NEW – Brush up your etiquette for brand new royal encounters

Practice your curtsies for the Princess Promenade and enjoy the first-ever audience with Anna and Elsa from Frozen as they hold court at the Princess Pavilion.

An Anna and Elsa meet and greet in Disneyland Paris? This is going to be huge, just like the queues! They will take over the Princess Parade and you will meet BOTH, but fear not, as it sounds like the other Princesses will feature in the Princess Promenade, which if it’s anything like the new Halloween Promenade will have them parading around Central Plaza and heading towards the Castle Courtyard. Having all the Princesses out and about will be a new thing for Disneyland Paris, at least in recent years, and will give people some amazing photos with the Castle in the background. We know that Merida will making her debut in Disneyland Paris and will meet people near Casey’s Corner.

Anna & Elsa Coming to Disneyland Paris

Anna & Elsa Coming to Disneyland Paris

Get snapped with some Disney Christmas stars

Catch up with Santa in his very own chalet* for a photo together before cuddling up to other Christmas-loving Disney Characters, like Minnie and Jack Skellington**, clad in their festive finery. * Only until December 25th 2014

What would Christmas be without meeting Santa, or Jack Skellington dressed as Santa. The Christmas Village over in Frontierland is an absolute must for all kids, and that goes for the big kids too! All the characters have special Christmas costumes and against the beautifully decorated landscapes of areas like the Central Plaza, and using the PhotoPass+ service, there are going to be many special memories to take back home with you.

Minnie Mouse at Christmas in Disneyland Paris

Minnie Mouse at Christmas in Disneyland Paris

Believe me when I tell you that Disneyland Paris is utterly spectacular at Christmas, and my absolute favourite time of the year to be there. It sends a tingle down my spine just thinking about it, and and this year looks like it’s going to be even better. something I didn’t even think possible, so good were last year’s celebrations. If you’ve never been to Disneyland Paris at Christmas then read all my reports from last year and make 2014 the year you put that right. If you have, then you know exactly what I mean and are probably getting as excited as I am right now.

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    I must be one of the few people who isn’t over excited by the whole ‘Frozen’ selection. It was an okay film but it seems to be everywhere I look these days. I can take it or leave it.

    • Basketca says:

      Agreed! It was entertaining (and completely predictable), but that’s it, and I just don’t get why people are acting like it’s the new The Lion King. I doubt I’ll go to their meet and greet because I’m sure queues will be tremendous and it’s not really worth it.

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