Disneyland Paris Pins for August 2014 – Attractions, Frozen, Ratatouille & Violetta?

I have to admit that with all the nice weather I haven’t given pins much thought over the past few weeks. So when these showed up I was taken a back, by how quickly July came and went, and that my pin prayers had been answered.

Disneyland Paris Pins for August 2014

Disneyland Paris Pins for August 2014

Disneyland Paris Attraction Pins

Attractions pins seem to be like buses, you wait ages and then several come along at the same time! Big Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast AND Flying Carpets Over Agrabah – good show! This image from Jean-Louis shows the three pins in better detail, and they actually went on sale on July 31st, 2 days before their August 2nd release date!

Disneyland Paris Attraction Pins for August 2014

Disneyland Paris Attraction Pins for August 2014

I really like that the Buzz pin shows the maximum score possible – nice attention to detail. Of course this means we won’t get any attraction pins for a few months, but for now I will bask in the glory of this trio of awesome.

Ratatouille and Frozen Pins

The Ratatouille pin is a bit dull compared too previous Ratatouille pins, but, it does follow the long tradition of having pins released of attraction signs. But hang on, that’s not the attraction sign, but the graphic used on marketing materials – the actual sign has L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy on it, not just L’Aventure! Oh well, maybe that will come next month, or maybe Ratatouille: The Adventure will be next – the English name for it.

The Frozen pins are generic but will probably sell by the bucket load, along with the Frozen lanyard, all of which along with the Ratatouille pin will be available from August 16th, or earlier.

Viloetta Pins. Who?

According to the UK Disney Channel website:

Violetta tells the story of a talented teenager who returns to her hometown of Buenos Aires with her father after a few years living in Europe. There she finds friends, discovers true love and a passion for music as she navigates the trials and tribulations of growing up.

I’m sure it’s far more exciting than it sounds, or at least I hope so. Anyway, a booster set was released yesterday, or wait to get them in the Christmas sales if you really want them.

The trading event is at Hotel New York on August 30th, but it’s sold out anyway, so no real need for it to be included on the poster.

Love the attraction pins, would like the Ratatouille pin and I’ll leave the rest. Every month I talk about the pins and I still need to sort out all the ones I’ve bought in the last year or two and add them properly to my collection bag. Who knows, if you’re really lucky I may even do a video featuring them.

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  1. Figgygirl says:

    I will have to buy the Buzz pin with the highest possible score because I got that on one trip. The ride stopped for a while so we carried on shooting, then I realised my gun had stopped working. I grumbled to my son about broken gun, and he noticed my score was 999999! When we told the CM at the exit, he said I must have been hitting the highest score target each time.
    That’s the only time I have beaten my son, who always gets a very high score – LOL!

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