Disneyland Paris Videos: Storybook Ride, Casey Jr. and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

On both this website and on the podcast, you’ll have heard me mention CafeFantasia a number of times. Over the past few years he’s become a friend of mine, through our shared interest in many things like technology and film, but most importantly to this website, Disneyland Paris. On his last trip to Disneyland Paris I know he took a lot of video footage, and I’m thrilled that the first three videos are now his YouTube channel, which I urge you all to subscribe to.

Having now viewed the videos you can see what great quality they are shot in glorious high definition and while we are away from Disneyland Paris they go a long way to bringing the magic home. Like me I’m sure you are looking forward to more Cafe Fantasia videos.

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As the founder of Dedicated to DLP Steve is a self confessed Disneyland Paris fanatic and has an unrivaled passion for the resort, its history and what makes it work. He has a particular love of Pirates of the Caribbean, which he often talks about as the host of the podcast and the weekly YouTube show.



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  1. Matt says:

    WOW – blue sky and sunshine – is this really DLP?

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