Disneyland Paris Pins for February 2013 – Star Wars, Beasts & Princesses

The pins for February 2013 are incredibly similar to those released last month, as you can see:

Disneyland Paris Pins for February 2013 – Star Wars, Beasts & Princesses

Disneyland Paris Pins for February 2013 – Star Wars, Beasts & Princesses

There are two more Star Wars pins to go with the set started last month and two more attraction pins to add to that set, which also launched last month. I especially like the Stormtrooper pin as I love all the clone outfits. The attraction pins of Nautilus and La Tanière du Dragon carry on the high quality set by the previous two. I’d go as far as saying these are two of the finest pins that Disneyland Paris have ever produced. I like how the squid is both as we see it from inside the submarine and also part of the outside too, much like the tentacles around the sub in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The Dragon looks so much like the actual attraction and a menacing personality is shining through too. If you collect pins these are a must, if you are thinking of starting then start with these two.

I’m afraid that’s where the praise ends for me. Another batch of Princess pins and a loved up Valentines Day pin do very little for me, but they no doubt have their market. It’s a month of two halves, with seemingly something for everyone. I need to get on to mail order and start ordering these attraction pins – it looks like they are going to be the best set of pins in Disneyland Paris Pin Trading history.

Intriguing to see what looks like a Goofy pin in the top left corner of this poster but it’s not actually for sale. Maybe this is an old release? Strange to display something that is not actually for sale.

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  1. Matt says:

    Totally agree about the Dragon and Nautilus pins – they really stand out

  2. Chris Bahlmann says:

    Does anyone know where to get the Disneyland Paris Nautilus and Squid pin?

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