New holiday package options possibly coming to Disneyland Paris

Thanks to Kizzabel over at DIS Boards for allowing me publish the information she has posted about a recent survey she did in Disneyland Paris. It looks like a new website could be on the way or at least a lot more information and choices will be made available. The biggest piece of news is the choice of 4 different packages that will now be available for people staying on site.

No fastpasses
No Breakfast
Entry to only 1 park

Value Plus
No fastpasses
Breakfast included
Entry to both parks

2 fastpasses per person
Breakfast included
Entry to both parks
Dining options – possibly lunch or dinner

Magic Plus
Unlimited fastpasses
Breakfast included
Entry to both parks
Dining included

The only bit that was unsure was the dining options with the Magic package, but if I had to take a guess I’d say Magic is lunch or dinner and Magic Plus is lunch and dinner. This is a very interesting change in the system but I’m surprised there is no option to leave out breakfast but have entry to both parks – it seems odd that not having breakfast is linked to single park entry. Maybe this will finally put an end to the question of whether people should be able to take their breakfast out of the restaurant, because now you really are paying extra for it and are therefore presumably entitled to your share, where ever you decided to eat it.

Breakfast at Hotel Santa Fe in Disneyland Paris

It’ll be fascinating to see the price variation between the different package option. I’m drawn to the Basic Plus as I don’t go on rides that require a Fastpass, apart from Peter Pan, but I’d rather queue than increase the cost of my holiday for one ride. I do want the breakfast, and I do want to be able to go to both parks, so the Basic option is no good for me.

I don’t like the name of the Basic and Basic Plus packages, compared to Magic and Magic Plus they sound like pauper’s holiday packages. Maybe that’s part of the strategy, to almost shame people into going for the more expensive packages. As much as I don’t like Basic being a part of my choice, it’s not something that will deter me from booking it and paying more.

It’s interesting to see how food is linked so much with the different levels offered. For example if I did decide to go on Big Thunder Mountain and liked it, I may need fastpasses, but I’d have to pay for a package that also included lunch or dinner. Strange how I wouldn’t be able to have fastpasses without buying into some kind of meal plan.

What we have to remember is that is not necessarily what is going to happen, but something that Disneyland Paris are obviously thinking about. Without knowing the different prices it’s hard to decide, but on the information we do have, which package would you choose and why?

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  1. Anon says:

    Is it possible to book a Disneyland Paris hotel without paying for park tickets and how would I go about doing it? We are wanting to purchase annual passes for our family of 5 when we arrive. Thanks.

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