How do attraction closures at Disneyland Paris affect your holiday plans?

First off, apologies for the lack of updates recently – I’ve been away on holiday. Not to Disneyland Paris unfortunately but we still had a great time.

Anyway, onto the reason for this post and it’s something I was thinking about the other day when reading that It’s A Small World is closed from 7th to 18th November. My little boy is obsessed with It’s A Small World and has been singing the song daily since we last visited in September 2010. The thought of being in Disneyland Paris and having to tell him that It’s A Small World is closed mortifies me, and I’d hate to see the look on his face when confronted with that news. For me personally I can’t imagine a trip to Disneyland Paris without being able to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, and it’s probably the only ride whose closure would affect me so strongly that I’d go as far as saying it would ruin my holiday. Ok, maybe ruin is a bit too strong, but it would certainly have a negative impact on my stay.

It's A Small World in Disneyland Paris

I wonder if it’s because I don’t like thrill rides and therefore don’t have as many big rides to look forward to, that a Pirates of the Caribbean closure would have so much impact? Do other people have their holidays affected so much by the closure of one attraction, regardless of how many they look forward to experiencing? I adore Phantom Manor and would be really disappointed not to be able to ride those great Doom Buggies, but it’s a loss I could just about handle, unlike missing out on Pirates of the Caribbean.

I can honestly say, that if Pirates of the Caribbean were to be closed during my planned visit to Disneyland Paris, I’d do everything possible to re-schedule my holiday, as long as the cost wasn’t too high. I say cost because I would actually pay any admin charges or cancellation fees that came with changing holiday and travel plans. Don’t believe me? Well you’re reading the words of someone who, along with his wife, postponed his wedding by a week back in 2003 just so that our honeymoon in Disneyland Paris would be during the full Christmas Season which doesn’t commence until early December. If not for those Christmas season dates we’d celebrate our anniversary every year on November 29th, not December 6th.

My question to you, is would you or have you indeed already, change holiday plans for Disneyland Paris because of attraction closures or season dates? Also, which attractions do you look forward to so much when you visit Disneyland Paris that their closures would make you re-schedule? I’d also love to hear from you if you think I’m bonkers and you’d never change your dates no matter what was closed.

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As the founder of Dedicated to DLP Steve is a self confessed Disneyland Paris fanatic and has an unrivaled passion for the resort, its history and what makes it work. He has a particular love of Pirates of the Caribbean, which he often talks about as the host of the podcast and the weekly YouTube show.



19 Responses to “How do attraction closures at Disneyland Paris affect your holiday plans?”

  1. There’s always something closed and it’s never the ride that really needs an update … so yeah, I can live with that.
    But, If Star Tours or Pirates were closed for an update, or SpaceMountain completely restored to its former glory, I’lld definetly delay a visit or re-schedule a planned stay at DLP…

    • Steve says:

      I think if Star Tours ever gets an update like they have had in the US I’d have to do my very best to get to the park for the opening weekend.

      I’ve never been on SM, but I’ve seen lots of people saying they prefer the original version. Is it just the music or has the whole experience changed?

      • SpaceMountain ‘de la Tere à la Lune’ was a totaly different experience than the rollercoaster it is now. It used to be one of Disney’s best rides ever and an excellent example of Disney storytelling . For people ( like you) who didn’t dare to ride SM there was the ‘Stellarway’ that brought you deep inside the mountain. Unfortunatly this area was closed when Space Mountain got FastPass. The now almost completely vanished Jules Verne theming was only rivaled by Tokyo Disney SEA’s Mysterious Island. All this, plus the sound of the mighty Columbiad that could be heared all over Discoveryland, and SteveBramson’s glorious soundtrack makes me still want DLP to #BringBackTheMoon!

  2. I have to agree that the closure of rides can put a downer on a visit to the resort. For example, my first visit this year was in the same week of the Big Thunder Mountain accident (Think it happened on Tuesday and I went Friday to Sunday). I was there for three days and then you really have a big gap when you visit Frontierland. First of all, the capacity of the mountain is quite big and it’s very popular, so when it’s closed, you have a lot more guests running around or waiting in line for other rides. Frontierland is also my favourite land of the park, but without trains running around it’s beautiful mountain, a lot of the atmosphere is lost. So if I see that it’s closed on the calendar, I will definitely avoid visiting the park. In the studios, there’s a similar story for Tower of Terror. I can’t imagine not having it anymore.

    It’s also true that it’s rare to visit the park with all rides operating, however when Snow White or The Robinson Tree or a similar smaller ride doesn’t work, that doesn’t really bother me 🙂

    So yes, maybe we’re going mad, but all the best people do 😉

    • Steve says:

      My love for the Robinson Treehouse is big and becoming well documented, but I think I could cope if it were closed. However, if it were closed down permanently I think I’ miss it a lot.

      I still have never been on Big Thunder Mountain, but it may be done on my next trip as I wrote about here. If I end up liking it then it could end up being another ride on the scale of Pirates of the Caribbean that I would become unmissable – not sure my head could cope!

  3. Mary-Ellen says:

    Prior to booking our trips l’ve always checked out what attraction closures are planned for the months ahead and take them into consideration when deciding on our dates. I wouldn’t like to go to DLRP not knowing in advance if a particular attraction was closed or not, the planned closures can be subject to change of course, but on our previous trips they’ve pretty much been as stated.

    I really like It’s A Small World, on a previous trip it was closed which was disappointing, but it was at least a disappointment l knew about in advance.
    At WDW last summer we had really wanted to go on POTC, but it broke down while we were queuing and was out of action for hours, that was sooooo disappointing as we had been looking forward to it.

    • Steve says:

      I personally could cope with IASW being closed, as much as I love it it’s not make or break. Lucas I’m not s sure about – though maybe a few goes on the Cars ride and he’d be ok.

      Did you not get ride POTC when you were in WDW?

      • Mary-Ellen says:

        No we didn’t Steve, didn’t have time to go back to the Magic Kingdom. 🙁
        2 weeks in Florida wasn’t long enough for us as we spent a few days staying over on the Gulf Coast at St Pete Beach as well – loved it over there and also went to a couple of other places such as the Florida Air Museum (OH interested in Howard Hughes!). Think we should stay for 3 weeks next time – probably not going until 2013/14 though. – already started saving! 🙂

        As much as l love Disney 2 weeks solid in the parks would have been too much for us in the sweltering July heat with the longgggg queues.

  4. danny kock says:

    For DLP Pirates is a must.
    When we were going to Tokyo Disney, we waited with booking until we knew what was closed (it’s known many months in advance, unlike DLP). We ended up a month later so we could do Journey to the Center of the Earth.
    After TDR we went into Tokyo and yamagata and on our very last day we returned to Tokyo Disneyland because Splash Mountain was opend after maintenence.
    So yeah, attractions make up my holiday dates.

    • Steve says:

      t would be good if DLP could give people more of an advance warning – would help a lot of neurotic people like me sort out holiday dates in advance!

  5. Mum to Belle says:

    I really have no idea how to tell my daughter that IASW will be closed on our Christmas trip in 3 weeks time – she missed out last year because of the snow, and now it will be closed!!!!! Arrrggghhhhhhhh. If I had known this when I booked I would have paid more for the weekend dates instead 🙁

    • Steve says:

      Oh no, poor you and poor them. Will the new Princess Pavilion maybe serve as a distraction? Not sure that would work for Lucas for little princesses it could just work – especially as it’s right next door. You could say the IASW ride people have gone on holiday and have lent the Princesses their house!

      • Mum to Belle says:

        That could help distract her! I did break the news the other day, just after giving her a Minnie Mouse Santa Hat! She declared it to be a disaster – a catastrophe – and promptly burst into tears! I reminded her about Santa, and Mickey & Minnie ice-skating and that calmed her down…

        I like the idea of the dolls going on holiday!! Where would they go do you think?

        • Steve says:

          Oh no, poor thing.

          I think the dolls wanted somewhere warmer, and have been flown south for the winter.

          I think a meeting with Duffy could help too?

          • Mum to Belle says:

            “Flown south for the winter..!!!!” Love it!!!

            I am introducing her to the concept of Duffy so she’ll know who he is – I think this could be a winner! I also think she’ll be bringing a little one home with us 🙂

          • Steve says:

            I was so against him at first but I’ve warmed to him more and more. So much that I have a friend bringing me one back next week, with the cool looking POTC costume, of course!

  6. I definitely do! I always have a glance at the ride closures before I book … usually there’s small rides that I’m not that bothered about. But I would be so upset if Peter Pan/Phantom Manor/Pirates/Space Mountain/Thunder Mountain/Carrousel/Castle/Star Tours/Buzz/Riverboat/Railroad (Pretty much most things lol!) were closed during my visit! It wouldn’t feel right! lol 🙂

    • Steve says:

      The Carousel is a big ride for you? I’ve never been that fussed with it, but then maybe I’m missing out.

      I’m quite lucky to have never been when a big ride that we like is closed. Once Phantom Manor only opened on our last day, but I still got to experience it, just!

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