What colour do you associate with Disneyland Paris?

That may sound like a strange question but as I have been looking at designs for the new Dedicated to DLP website (I have registered dedicatedtodlp.com so the website can have a proper permanent home which gives more freedom to change things) I have tended to look for blue layouts. I struck me that when I think of Disneyland Paris, I think of the colour blue.

This morning I started to think about why that was, I mean pink would be understandable as it’s the colour of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and also the Disneyland Hotel. Our favourite hotel has always been Hotel Cheyenne, so brown is another colour that could be associated with my memories of Disneyland Paris. I struggled to think of anything that was obviously blue in Disneyland Paris, that was until I looked back at photos I have taken there, and there were lots like these two.

Lake Disney in Disneyland Paris

Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris

The common element in these, and lots of photos I’ve taken over the years, is the brilliant blue sky. It’s not part of Disneyland Paris per se, but we’ve been lucky enough to have it present on almost all our trips, to the point where it’s become synonymous in mind with Disneyland Paris.

Consider also these two pieces of merchandise that I bought from Disneyland Paris in the first year we went.

Une Journée à Disneyland Paris CD

Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality

I played Une Journée à Disneyland Paris relentlessly from the first moment I bought it in 2002 and even now, 9 years later, it sits in the stereo in our lounge, having been playing just this morning. Disneyland Paris: From Sketch To Reality is probably the one book I would save above all others if I were in that hypothetical situation The photos and information contained inside are spectacular and enlightening. I have been enjoying both of these on a very regular basis since my love affair started with Dinseyland Paris almost a decade ago, and both feature that deep blue sky and have blue theming inside and out.

So, at first a mystery, but it soon became obvious why I associated blue with Disneyland Paris. My question to you is what colour do you associate with Disneyland Paris, and why?

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As the founder of Dedicated to DLP Steve is a self confessed Disneyland Paris fanatic and has an unrivaled passion for the resort, its history and what makes it work. He has a particular love of Pirates of the Caribbean, which he often talks about as the host of the podcast and the weekly YouTube show.



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  1. Mary-Ellen says:

    blue as well, we have a similar photo of the castle in a DLRP frame at home and the sky is a beautiful bright blue – sky blue! Just thinking about it makes me yearn to go back to DLRP – maybe next year, fingers x.

    Enjoy your blog Steve.

    • Steve says:

      I’ve taken so many photos of the Castle over the years but never framed one – I really should. I’m a victim of the digital age, most of my photos just stay on my laptop 🙁

      Hope you do get to go back next year – that’s our plan too.

      Thanks Mary-Ellen, glad you enjoy my little piece of Disney Magic!

  2. Same as you! Blue! And probably pink from the castle as well 🙂 Good point about the sky … I don’t think I ever thought of it that way! 🙂

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