My Disneyland Paris hot dogs are famous on Google – kind of!

So, after looking at photos of Casey’s Corner at Disneyland Paris I found that on the first page of a Google image search for Casey’s Corner at Disneyland Paris there is an image of my home made attempt, a photo of Denise and I in Casey’s Corner and other random images from this very blog! It seems the SEO for this blog and in particular Casey’s Corner is working very well. As always, click the image to get a bigger version.

Casey's Corner image search

I bet you are thrilled to have read that!

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As the founder of Dedicated to DLP Steve is a self confessed Disneyland Paris fanatic and has an unrivaled passion for the resort, its history and what makes it work. He has a particular love of Pirates of the Caribbean, which he often talks about as the host of the podcast and the weekly YouTube show.



2 Responses to “My Disneyland Paris hot dogs are famous on Google – kind of!”

  1. manda says:

    lol! You’re famous! Oh my gosh you’ve made me so hungry 🙁 lol!

    • Steve says:

      Me too – all this talk of hot dogs is no good when you don’t actually have a hot dog to eat!

      I think a trip to DLP is needed just for a meal or two in Casey’s Corner!

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